Airline Travel for Pets is Safer than Ever!

In late 2009 Major Airlines began requiring Metal Nuts and Bolts on every pet airline carrier – kennel – crate. As a direct result Pet Airline Incident Reports for 2010 have shown a 70% decrease in pet escapes. This is a huge improvement for pet airline travel safety!

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Pet Care Company Develops Product to Save Pet Lives
Airlines learn from lessons put into action by inventor

(Philadelphia,PA; Jan 2011) A company with almost two-decades in pet care and safety has developed a new product that saves pet lives when pets are traveling on commercial airlines.
In the past, one of the major problem of pet safety upon commercial airlines was, according to a two-year research project conducted by Dryfur CEO, Lisa Kelly, was that animals, such as snubbed nose pets and those that get loose from kennels, were the most likely to die, get injured or lost. According to PETA, the Airline Transportation Association reports approximately 5000 animals injured, lost or killed annually.
Though noble in media outreach, it was Kelly who helped bring into awareness the remedy for the problem; secured kennels. Now airlines are more aware and pet travel is safer.
One horror story that outlines the problem of kennels that were not secured with metal nuts and bolts; a dog was loose and they had to shoot him with a tranquilizer gun as he ran out into the take off and landing area; however, when they did, they killed him. A happier ending yet upheaval of a story is the cat that was lost for 22 days, only to be finally found on the same plane in another state, and was sick, dehydrated and more upon retrieval. Animals would get loose often, and now with kennel securing products like Dryfur offers, the incidence of harm to pets has decreased by 70%.
Snubbed nose pets and animals getting loose have been the brunt of the incidents filed on airlines, and Kelly’s research and planning helped to address this large demographic. “I thought if the airlines could address these two issues, the deaths would be almost non-existent”, said Kelly.
Kelly was correct. In fact, the new rules that airlines have developed on both domestic and international travel has not only helped save animal lives, but helped pet owners feel more comfortable and at ease with travel.
The Dryfur site not only has products meant to directly remedy these issues but they also have a variety of information for pet and pet store owners on the site, for distribution, such as:
Biggest Airplane Travel Mistakes with Pets, Shipping Forms for your Vet and the Airline and Pet Carrier Safety as well as tips for Snub Nosed Dog Cats and videos.
The newly developed items, not elsewhere, meet all IATA, USDA and Domestic and International airline Laws.   This is important for every dog, cat, pet lover, animal rights activist or advocate to view. Please visit

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One Responseso far.

  1. I have had to travel from VA to Hawaii and back 3-times with my two cats over two years. My cats are indoor cats and would stress just going to the Vet. Needless to say, when I had to make the move to Hawaii the first time, I was extremely worried about them since they had to travel as checked baggage. I did my homework and found Dryfur to be the best site for safe pet travel.

    My cats and I have traveled on Delta Airlines all 3-times and they are wonderful! The first trip, my cats were left behind in Atlanta and missed my flight to Hawaii. However, upon landing in Hawaii, we received a call from Atlanta informing us of the error and that our cats were put on the next flight to Hawaii and would be arriving 5-hours later. We were also met at the gate by an agent who explained everything to us and confirmed that our cats were on another flight and gave us the flight info. She also contacted the Hawaii quarantine station and arranged for us to go there and begin the paperwork for direct airport release upon their arrival. They arrived safely 5-hours later as promised.

    The next time we flew back to VA on Delta about 18-months later my cats actually arrived in VA before me! Then flying back to Hawaii 8-months later, my cats arrived on time and I picked them up from quarantine immediately. By this time, my cats were much more relaxed during the process. Still afraid, but they bounced back immediately.

    I cannot say enough about Delta’s Pet travel service. My cats are family members and they treated them as such. I highly recommend Delta to transport your pet and most importantly, be sure your kennels are safely secured and use those cable ties! Thank you Dryfur!