FREE Travel Forms – Pet Airline Passport Documents

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Pet Airline Shipping Forms PDF
Certificate of Acclimation

Certificate of Acclimation MS Word
Certificate of Acclimation

LIVE ANIMAL Certificates Of Acclimation:

A statement that your vet should fill out and sign for pets traveling in lower or higher than normal temperatures.

Pet Airline Shipping Forms PDF
Shipper’s Certification (front)

Pet Airline Shipping Forms PDF
Shipper’s Certification (back)

IATA Shipper’s Certification For Live Animal/s:

Filled in and signed by shipper (Print on 1 page – Front page and Back page)

Pet Airline Shipping Forms PDF
Shipper’s Declaration Fill-n-print

Pet Airline Shipping Forms PDF
Shipper’s Declaration Print

Live Animal Feeding  and Watering Instructions – Shipper’s Declaration:

Filled in and signed by pet’s owner. Available in printable or fill-n-print.

Pet Airline Shipping Forms PDF
IATA Live Animal Shipping Label

Pet Airline Shipping Forms PDF
IATA Live Animal Shipping Label



Certificate of Veterinary Inspection
Certificate of Veterinary Inspection

Certificate of Veterinary Inspection


  • FORM EU 998 is available on this site in all different Languages. Go to bottom of page and click small box with the Language you require. they are available in PDF or MS
  • Visit Center for Disease Control CDC for importing or traveling with your pet into the USA
  • Visit USDA for importing pets into and out of USA

pet drivers license id tagCreate your Dog or Cat a FUN Drivers License,  Pilot License, Passenger License, DMV ID card.  You upload the picture and the text and the program Generates your Free ID CARD. For printing or saving for easy sharing with friends on facebook…

Makes a great Professional Kennel Name tag for traveling dogs and cats.






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16 Responsesso far.

    • Your website is awesome! When I realized you have printable stickers I was blown away. After all the hassle I’ve been through trying to get my dog “in the air” you’ve been a relief! The only sticker I didn’t see to print is “This Side Up” which is the one I need most. But, thank you for the ones you do provide.

  1. do I need to get the airline acclimation cert to the airlines before I check in? or at the time of check in?
    very scared about moving from thailand to California.


    • If needed they will ask for it at check in, but you might want to make a copy or two in case you have any connecting flights, since the airline keeps this for their files. Thanks for visiting!

  2. I would like to know if anyone could inform me, if i ever would like to bring a 10 week old Siberian Husky Puppy, from the US to Venezuela, what permits, certificates or forms i should be needing to fill out or be filled by a certified vet?!

    • You might want to check out pet travel store I think they will have what you need also they have free email service for questions in regard to fulfilling the requirements for each country.
      Thanks for visiting!

  3. Hi,

    I’m wondering if you have ever shipped a dog in a XL crate and if so how did you manage transporting the crate to the check in counter at departure and then at the arrival airport to the outside of the airport? I have an XL crate and dont know how I’m going to manage moving the crate with my dog in it. It has no wheels.

    Any input would be extremely helpful.

    • Hi Deborah,
      Most folks carry the crate empty with the dog on a leash. Then when the airline personnel is ready to accept the dog you open the crate and put the dog inside. They can move it then. I have seen the airlines bring carts or move them from curb side before but not sure this is available in your city or airport. You can make a trip up to the airport and inquire few days ahead. They might have options like porters who can assist. But might be a good idea to leave a tip if you need a lot of assistance. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Hi,

    Do I need the Shipper’s Certification For Live Animal/s form if my pet is traveling on the same flight (as checked baggage) as me?

    Thank you,

    • The form is required when pet is shipped as cargo, but it does not hurt to have one just in case since it will contain your contact details etc. and you can fill one out and print it for free on our site.

  5. Thank you for your prompt reply. I do have another question, please. With the DryFur Absorbent Pad, is it a good idea to put my cat’s favorite blanket on top of the pad?

    Thanks again,

    • Hi Pam,
      The pads work best when used alone without anything else in the carrier. BUT this time of year can be very cold so if you think she might need it for snuggling then I might be inclined to put it in. The problem with the blanket is if it gets wet it will not dry and she could end up being a little wet. But any liquid has a tendency to go to the lowest point so eventually the pad should absorb…

      • We won’t be traveling until mid-May so I guess we’ll just do without the blanket. Maybe I’ll just pack him his Kong Kickaroo pillow 🙂

        Thanks again!

  6. I will be bringing my English bulldog pup from Mexico to California. Most international flights don’t allow dogs to be boarded as carry-on, but I heard that if you purchase a seat ticket you can avoid having your dog placed in cargo. Is this true? Do you know of any airlines that allow that? I am esp. nervous since he’s a snub nosed puppy and it’ll be summer time. I need all the advice i can get.

    Thank you

    • I think that might be for service animals. You might want to look into having him classified a service animal. Otherwise you are correct I would never put a bulldog in the cargo in summer and most airlines will not let you as well because of the risks involved.