Airline Carrier-Kennel Hardware – Metal Nuts and Bolts

Replacement Pet Carrier Nuts BoltsPrice:$8.99 – 8pk Silver
Price:$9.99 – 8pk  Blue
Price:$9.99 – 8pk Pink

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Weight:0.50 LBS

Shipping:Free Shipping (US Only)

Product Description

Universal Replacement Kennel Hardware (Nuts & Bolts)

Solid Metal NUTs & Bolts for securing your pets airline Crate, carrier or kennel.

Fits PetMate Vari Kennels, Vari Kennel Ultra, Sky Kennels, Kennel Cab, Pet Taxi, Kennel-Aire*, Travel-Aire* PlastiCrate* & Remington* (ONLY Crate Brands marked * SIZE XL may need additional washers due to the xlarge holes in these crate maybe a little too large for bolt heads – call or email us to request extra large washer free of charge)

Pet Porters, Varikennels, Sky kennels, and Kennel Cabs (Small thru X Large) before 2007.

Giant Varikennels, Giant Pet Porters & Giant Sky Kennels (#700) before 2007.

Newer model Vari Kennels & Sky Kennels after 2006.

Also Fits Petmate Navigator,  Petmate Ruff Max, Petmate Compass

NOW our hardware even fits Bargain Hound and PetSmart brand pet carriers kennels.

Replaces Plastic pegs  (fasteners) all sizes, Screws or Bolts with Plastic Wing Nuts (attachments) and any Pet Carrier / Kennel with Bolts (long or short)


Fido Friendly Award

  • UNIVERSAL – One-size fits all
  • DURABLE – Solid Metal
  • SECURE – Locks Tight
  • EASY – No tools required
  • STYLISH – Silver, Blue, Pink
  • SAFER – Than Plastic
  • Required By Many Major Airlines

Replaces missing bolts or faulty plastic peg attachments. An absolute necessity for pets traveling in the cargo area of the plane. Required by many major airlines. Keeps pets safe and secure while traveling.


Keeping these large pieces of plastic out of our LANDFILLs. Its good for the environment and good for your pocket book.

common kennel attachments
Our Hardware replaces all these common attachments



dog kennel plastic peg & bolts
Most common dog kennel attachments










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14 Responsesso far.

  1. Thanks for the very quick delivery, the kennel hardware is great. I just wanted to let you know, that 8 nuts and bolts are not enough for the Petmate kennel. I got the middle size one and didn’t know it in advance. There were holes for 11 nuts and bolts. Maybe it would be an idea to add a little note, that this brand needs 11. So, the people could order a pack more.

  2. could someone please call me or send your number
    I need to replace screws for many crates that are used for rescue airlifts of dogs from high kill to no kill shelters. We are changing airlines, the new airline requires screws on kennels. Our current kennels have a snap release. We must drill, it looks to be 1 and half inch screw that would work. Would yours work for us, what sizes do you have and can I buy in bulk? Are they removable by hand? What size drill bit would we use? How much for How many? laurel kinder 818 -641-3345

  3. Ordered a pink set of these before our pet’s last overseas trip– functional and cute! Now we are getting ready to ship 2 pets back to the US and I’m coming back to Dry Fur for most of our crate supplies. I love the quick service, as well as the products I previously ordered along with the kennel hardware–non-spill plastic food/water bowls & Dry Fur pad. I’ve recommended your products, and the information you provide, to all my pet-owning military friends. Your site helps make a stressful time a little bit easier!

    • Thank you so much Michelle, This is very kind of you to take the time and post such a positive comment…
      I am so grateful for all our military clients, first for their service and secondly for all their support they are a huge reason we have been so successful. Some of our very first customers were APO and FPO addresses…this is such a good feeling knowing we are able to help (even a little bit) keep military families together.

      Thanks again for shopping at!

    • Hi Ray, what they are referring to is adapting a plastic snap latch kennel to accept nuts and bolts. Delta and United accept these modifications but many airlines do not. The way they wrote this rule sounds a bit confusing what they should have said was drilling hardware holes in a kennel that does not have existing hardware holes is not accepted.

      You can add nuts and bolts to any carrier that already has holes for nuts and bolts. Otherwise if you were missing one bolt they would have to call it unacceptable not allowing you to “add a nut and bolt” to replace the missing one…. so if you add bolts to a kennel that already has holes for them you will be fine.

      • Has anyone modified a plastic snap latch kennel and traveled internationally with American Airlines with pets as checked baggage? I’m going nuts about it. Please advise. Thanks!

        • From rumors I have heard American can be picky but you can always go to their site and print their kennel requirements page. It does not say you can not secure or modify kennels with hardware. Bring it with you and present it if you have any issues… If it is not in writing prohibiting on the page that is meant to assist customer to be prepared before they go to airport… their is not much they can say.

  4. This website and company is just FANTASTIC! I will be flying internationally with my 2 dogs for a PCS move back to America here soon. It is stressful for everyone flying with pets and the fact that Dry Fur has so many resources and products that are AIRLINE APPROVED lightens the load. The shipping was EXTREMELY quick, we live in Okinawa, Japan and some things take up to 2 months or more to get here but DRYFUR’S PACKAGE got to us at just over A WEEK! I am so pleased and am so thankful that I stumbled upon this website and have already stared referring it to anyone else I know about to fly with pets! Thanks Dry Fur! 🙂

  5. United requires metal nuts and bolts. I just bought PetCo ITDA approved kennel and while the bolt is metal, the wing nut is black – looks like black plastic. Do these need to be replaced?

    • Hi Pam, I wish I could answer this with confidence, but there is too many variables. First I think the plastic nuts are fine as long as the bolts that secure the kennel from top to bottom are metal (steel).

      But: this depends on a human to make the call and this will depend what airport you are flying out of, what airline and then is your pet flying as Excess baggage or is your pet being shipped as cargo from the cargo office. Then it also depends what clerks is in charge the day you check your pet in and how they interpret the rule. So as you can tell it is impossible to know for sure. I know I have had reports back from some customers who said they were told after check in they did not need metal nuts. I have had others call me from the PDX airport were we are located 10 minutes from stating the airline has refused the carrier and could they come to our location and purchase hardware? SO it is really impossible to answer.

      I, like you, wish the airlines would decide for sure and draft a set of exactly worded rules that passengers could download and bring with them. But so far the rules are literally decided on the fly at the airport by the clerk who checks in your pet for that shift.

      Thanks for posting I wish I had a better answer.

  6. What are the diameters of the nuts and the bolts? I need to add additional bolt holes to my kennel, and I’d like to know what size to make them. Thanks.