Zip R Tight Pet Carrier Locks

Zip R Tight Charms
Price:$8.99 set of 2 charms
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Brand:Zip R Tight®

Weight: 0.25 LBS

Shipping: Free

Measures 2″ x 3/4″

Available: Hearts, Poodles, Cats, Bones, Paws




Product Description

pet carrier zipper safety locksZip R tight – Before the Flight

Keep your pet carrier zipped tight and secure while traveling with our Designer Zipper Tight Pet Carrier Safety Locks, Pets are unable to slide zippers open from inside the carrier. Creates an escape Proof Lock, yet quick an easy access for Pet Parent.

Perfect for those tricky little cats who have learned to use their paws like hands. Pet owners find they can relax while traveling and not feel the need to keep a constant eye on your pet to insure the zipper stays closed. Also great to hang on keys chains, purses or just about anywhere you want add a little bling.

Each Clasp + Charm Measures about 2″ x 3/4″

Silver Alloy Color with Czech Rhinestones

Sold in sets of 2 charms

Works on all Double Zippers




Puppy escaping pet carrier






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