Deluxe Pet Airline Kit with Foldable Kennel Floor Liner

Deluxe Kit with XL Kennel Floor Liners
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Weight:1.50 LBS
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Product Description

DryFur® “First Class” Deluxe Pet Airline Travel Kit


  • 1 Set Spill Proof CLEAR Kennel Food & Water Cups*

(S-M Accessory Kit includes S-M Cups that hold 1.25 cups Each)
(L-XL Accessory Kit includes L-XL Cups that hold 3 cups Each)

  • 1 FULL Set of Live Animal Stickers/feeding instructions (5 Labels) (3 with Arrows are made with special Reflective material for better visibility)*
  • 1 Set of Solid Metal Kennel Securing Nuts & Bolts*

(S-M Accessory Kit includes 8pk Nuts Bolts)

(L-XL Accessory Kit includes 16pk Nuts Bolts)


  • 1 Set Cable Ties for securing snap latch & dial-latch
  • 1 set of Hand Releasable Cable ties for securing door*
  • 1 Temporary Pet ID Tag
  • 1 Laminated Kennel Tag for pet’s & owner’s Name*
  • 1 PET Airline Check-List & do it yourself instructions
  • 1 CLEAR Document Storage Zip Pouch*
  • 1 CLEAR Reinforced Dry Food Storage Zip Bag*

(Items marked with * MEETS NEW IATA, USDA & International or Domestic AIRLINE Regulations)

4 Responsesso far.

  1. What is the difference between the absorbent pad and the dry liner? I will be travelling to Japan with my lovely 55 lb dog, and I’m not sure which one to buy. Thank you.

    • The Absorbent pad that comes in this kit is very strong and washable, but it does not dry “Instantly” it takes a while. It also does not Lock in the wetness it tends to wick it away. But the trade off is it can be cleaned and re-used. The Breathable Liners they Dry and Lock the wetness away they are still pretty strong but they are disposable since any product that locks away wetness has to be disposed of because once the urine or wetness is locked in you can not wash it out. I Prefer the Breathable pads and they are a better value as they come 4 per pack for same price as 2pk of the Absorbent pads. Unless your dog is destructive then the washable ones are best since they are the strongest. We sell all the item separate too so you can choose either that best fits your needs. Thanks for visiting!

        • Hi Dan,
          Not really the Largest is the L-XL kit but many use them for the Giant Crates by adding an extra set of nuts and bolts and using both pads to cover the floor. The other option would be the Deluxe Airline Accessory Kit alone and the Breathable 4pk of pads and an extra set of bolts. We do not put together a package for that size of crate at this time. Call us or email and I think I can work out deal if you decide to purchase items separately. Thanks for visiting