Whelping Pads – Box Liners

Plastic free super absorbent whelping padsDryFur® Whelping Pads –  Super Absorbent Box Liner

Introducing the first Whelping pad that actually dries instantly, Has no dangerous plastic back sheet,  Absorbs on both top and bottom, locks away wetness and bacteria, reduces the risk of infections like Bacterial Mastitis. Keeps puppies and kittens clean and dry. Our pads are hospital grade, stronger and more absorbent than any other pad available. Perfect for Birthing any and all animal babies. Measure 24 x 31.  Price: $10.99 – 4pk  to order Click for more details

Attention Puppy and Kitten Breeders for bulk pricing please call (888) 250-4824 or email lisa@dryfur.com



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