TSA Fast Pass® Leash & Harness for Airport

Cat Harness Leash set

Brand:TSA Fast Pass®

Harness with Plastic Buckle

Leash with plastic hook

Weight: 0.50 LBS



Product Descriptioncat harness instructions - step in

Harness-Leash SET: Take the hassle out of In-Cabin Pet Travel and you and your pet can FLY through Security Check Points in a Single Bound with our NEW TSA Fast Pass Leash, Harness and ID Tags. Our Fast Pass Harness features a Step-in Vest design making it the easiest harness to put on and take off your dog or cat.  Guaranteed to not set off metal detectors, making pat downs and private screening rooms unnecessary. Triple Secure with VELCRO & Snap Latch Closures and double leash D-rings. Reflective strips, Very Comfortable, Available in Black Mesh.





cat harness size chart

how to measure for cat harness






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9 Responsesso far.

  1. I need a size medium TSA fast pass cat harness. Your site says it’s out of stock.

    Do you expect any soon, and if so, will you please let me know when?

    Thanks…looks like a good product.

  2. What if my cat is between sizes? I measured him with a metal (construction) tape measure and it reads 13.5 inches behind his front legs. Which size should I order?

    • Hi Liz, I am not sure with the metal tape measure how accurate the measurement is. So please use a piece of string like a shoe string to measure the cat then measure the length of the amount of the string that wrapped taunt around your kitties waist with the metal tape measure. post back and I will suggest a perfect size. Also post the kitties exact weight I can visualize the cat from the weight. If you have no way to weigh him look at your cats last vet visit paperwork they usually weigh them and document it on the receipt.

  3. I have a cat she measures 15 cheast and 10 neck ,but the medium has only 9 for neck would it still fit or should I get a large? shes 10 pounds.

  4. Hi, I think my cat is between sizes S and M. Her neck is about 8.5 to 9 and her chest is about 13.5 inches. I ordered her a M and it seems manageable, but isn’t very tight. I don’t want to return it for a S and then have it be too small. So I am not sure what to do. How tight should it feel? She is a calico cat weighing 9.5 lbs.