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Waterproof Pouch to hold Pet Passport – Travel Documents

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Price:$2.99 each Available in White, Blue, Pink, Red Weight:0.10 LBS Measures: 11.5″ x 7″ Shipping:Free Shipping (US Only) Product Description Zipper Vinyl pouches for storing important travel documents, Pet Passports, Vet Records, Proof of Vaccines, Travel flight Itinerary. Also works great for storing and attaching dog leash to Airline Crate. XL to hold pages and pages of IMPORTANT paperwork like pet passports and will keep them securely stored and perfectly DRY.  Install the pouch to your kennel by threading onto one of the kennels bolts then hold in place by re-threading the thumb-nut onto the bolt to secure it tightly. Pet Passports – documents can then be inserted and removed […]

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Step 4 – Day Of Your Pets Flight


Video # 4 will demonstrate how to secure the door of your pet’s carrier kennel with releasable ties to be certain it does not open during flight, we will also demonstrate how and where to attach the travel documents and health certificates so they are easily accessed by airline personnel at the departure and arrival stations […]

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