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Original Sky Kennel Replacement Metal Nuts

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SOLID Metal Nuts for replacing missing nuts from your Original Sky Kennel of the 1970-1980’s when the SKY Kennel was made to airlines standards including metal bolts and NUTs and was made from very strong Fiberglass. These kennels are so tough they still survived for 30-40 years and continue to be used although most are missing the attachments. We now offer the original metal nuts that came standard on the SKY Kennels.   Metal 10-24 Knurled Thumb Nuts 25pk at a bargain price. Many airline are now requiring metal NUTS and BOLTS… These metal replacement Nuts are Perfect for buyers who have already purchased a NEW Travel Kennel with metal bolts […]

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Airline Carrier-Kennel Hardware – Metal Nuts and Bolts


Replaces any broken missing or faulty plastic pet carrier attachments with our SOLID metal Nuts & Bolts. One size fits all pet carriers regardless of size, brand, style or type. As long as it has holes to accommodate screws our Universal Kennel Hardware kits will fit. […]

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