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Airline Accessory Pack – Breathable Super Absorbent Kennel Liners


Pads & Kits NOW Sold separately Brand:DryFur® Weight:1.25-1.75 LBS Shipping:Calculated at Checkout     Product Description DryFur® “First Class” Deluxe Pet Airline Travel Kit   FEATURES 1 Set Spill Proof CLEAR Kennel Food & Water Cups* (S-M Accessory Kit includes S-M Cups that hold 1.25 cups Each) (L-XL Accessory Kit includes L-XL Cups that hold 3 cups Each) 1 FULL Set of Live Animal Stickers/feeding instructions (5 Labels) (3 with Arrows are made with special Reflective material for better visibility)* 1 Set of Solid Metal Kennel Securing Nuts & Bolts* (S-M Accessory Kit includes 8pk Nuts Bolts) (L-XL Accessory Kit includes 16pk Nuts Bolts) ATTENTION PLEASE COUNT KENNEL HOLES 1 […]

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