Syringe Caps – Oral Slip Leur End Tip Cap

syringe capsDISCONTINUED See our new universal syringe caps

Non-sterile Caps for sealing oral syringes tips. Fits most standard Oral Syringe, 1cc and up. Perfect for pre-measuring liquid medications and storing for travel. Often Used in Vet offices for dispensing oral medications such as DE-wormers, also used by compounding pharmacies for dispensing Sub-dermal medications such as Methimazole and used by pet owners for measuring/storing Topical medications such as single doses of Flea treatments like Advantage. Caps often used by vets and dog breeders to seal syringes for storing shipping or transporting pet semen for the process of AI  (artificial insemination)



100 per pack

Slips securely on tips of oral syringes to eliminate leakage

Self-righting design for single-handed capping makes batch filling easy.

Available in various colors for simple color coding samples or medications

Will fit Oral syringes size 1cc, 3cc, 5cc


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