Step 3 – How to Add Comfort to the Kennel

Step 1 – Label Kennel | Step 2 – Secure Kennel | Step 3 – Add Comforts | Step 4 – Day Of Flight

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  1. I am planning to fly my beagle to the UK next month – I am worried that he may try to get out of his kennel even with following these steps, particularly because he is heavily food-motivated. Is it still necessary to have food on hand considering that the flight is 10 hours direct from the west coast of the US?

    • Food is not required by the airlines it is just suggested. They suggest it for pets who do not have a straight flight and have the risk of their connecting flights being laid over, delayed or even canceled. Those pets might need to be fed. For pets who have non-stop flights they do not need food attached, because the airline will not be required to offer them food while flying.

      So if your pets flight is non-stop no food, if your pet has a connecting flight food attached to the kennel is always a good idea.

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