DryFur® PCI Small Blue 2pk

Small DryFur Blue
DryFur Small Blue Pet Carrier Pads

SKU: DF100-2PK


Size: Small Blue 100

Weight:1.0 LBS





Product Description

DryFur® Super ABSORBENT Disposable Travel Pads 2pks – Patented – Triple Award Winning – Fits 100 Kennel

  • Super absorbent DRIES INSTANTLY
  • Locks all wetness away from pet (even water bowl spill)
  • Fulfills Airlines requirement for Soft Absorbent Bedding
  • Insulates against heat & cold
  • Air-cushioned for Ultra comfort (like a tiny air mattress)
  • Soft and cloth-like
  • Provides a stable surface for standing, sitting & turning around on
  • Gives pet owners peace of mind
  • Inexpensive & disposable
  • Ideal for Pet Travel, Pet Shipping and Pet Transporting
  • Color Coded Sizes

Dog Fancy Award Cat Fancy Award Pet Product News award



















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17 Responsesso far.

  1. i brought a set of dryfur for my cats for air travel and I really like the product. One of my kitty get soiled but still maintain a satisfactory level after 10 hours air trip. Would recommend.

    • Well, not by chemical additives you may be thinking of. But any time you can get urine to dry quicker the less smell. But we chose not to add the popular available Deodorizers like Charcoal or Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) to the pads because of safety issues. Some Cat Litters and Puppy Pads have many additives in them (Odor eliminators) that work real well for odor but cats and dogs are not locked in a cage with these items for long periods of time so chewing or eating etc is not a risk factor with these products. So we decided not add these chemicals, although some Breeders I sell to say they think the pads really cut the odor, especially for intact male cats they travel with as carry-on to cats shows with.

    • Hi Brenda, Thanks for your comments.
      If you are on a budget which many people are these days. I might suggest you make your own Pet Travel Pads. Our Bargain priced Breathable Pads are the same material that our DryFur Pads are made out of, all you need is a little piece of cardboard to fit the bottom of your crate and fold the Breathable pad around it then either stitch, tape or glue the edges. (DryFur’s are stitched which is best) and for 10.99 you can have 4 Travel pads, that stay put and keep you pet COMPLETELY Dry. If you want to get real creative you can always sew the Breathable pads into a Pillow case shape and use the pillow case to put around and cover an existing pet cushion or crate mat. That way it will be comfortable, stay flat and keep you pet COMPLETELY DRY.
      Hope this helps.

  2. I ordered these for my cat for an international flight. While I can’t yet comment on the effectiveness as I haven’t traveled, they seem sturdy and fit well in the bottom of the crate. What I can comment on, however, is the amazingly fast shipping. I placed my order on a Saturday afternoon and it was delivered to my doorstep by Monday morning! I did choose expedited (not overnight, just expedited) shipping, but this still exceeded all my expectations!

  3. I just came across your web site and ordered the size small
    (blue) dry Fur carrier pads. They arrived today.
    I have to say how impressed I am with your customer service.
    I am taking my cat to the vets next Thurs. (1/5) and needed
    these to arrive before that date. I spoke to customer service
    and they assured me they would arrive in plenty of time.
    So I thank you for your prompt & polite service. Hopefully
    my cat won’t be so scared when she goes to the vet (I think it’s
    the sounds of doggies barking and the medicinal smell that set
    her off) Last time it triggered her to pee on her blanket in her pet carrier…..
    But I’ll have the pad in there just in case!

    Brenda Wells
    Alden, NY

  4. Hi,

    I just bought a crate that measures 24″L x 16″W x 15″ H, which size pad should I get?



    • You must have purchased the PetSmart GRREAT Choice Pet Carrier, Am I right? If so these measurement are the entire pet carrier, meaning the outer rim and doorway etc… the actual floor measure is quite a bit less. So the BLUE SMALL DryFur Pet Travel Pads will fit perfect. Thanks for visiting DryFur.com!

  5. I just bought the “Sleepypod Air’ for my cat since we are moving to Germany.
    I am guessing the blue Travel Pad (small) should be the best fit, am I right?

    Expanded 22×10.5×10.5″
    Compressed 16×10×8″
    Compressed Interior 15×9.5×9.5”



    • Yes that one should fit perfect. You can purchase online or a few retailers that carrier the SleepyPod carry the Small Blue DryFur along side.

      Thanks for shopping at DryFur.com!

  6. Can you tell me roughly how thick these are? Also is the pad sufficient cushioning or should I put my dog’s usual cushion/blanket in too? My dog will be on an 11 hour flight so I want her to be comfy.

    Many thanks.

    • Hi Nia,
      They are about 1/2″ for a cat we do not recommend any other bedding, but for a dog that should be fine. For cats they do not seem to look for a place to urinate when they are scared they tend to lay flat on their belly until they get real scared and then loose control. Dogs on the other hand do not usually have such nervous bladders and can move off their blanket first. But if your pup has one of those nervous bladders and loses control when excited then might be best to leave out any additional blanket/bedding since if they wet they will not dry and will be on your pets fur keeping them damp and cold.
      Thanks for Visiting DryFur!

    • Dear, i have a sturdi large and i bought the blue pads. It fits perfectly! Im flying with my cat tomorrow from Barcelona toShanghai. Im crossing fingers to see how she handles all the stress. Keep you posted!