Planning on Traveling with Pets

Planning on Traveling With a Pet? How to Prepare them, Ready for the Journey Ahead.

If you enjoy traveling with your four-legged companion, you’ve come to the right place. Today, many hotels, traveling facilities and destinations welcome pets who travel, and if you are considering a trip with your pet, here are some travel tips that will make your trip much safer and more fun for you and your furry friend.

First and foremost is a vet check-up. Have your vet issue a health certificate stating that Tilly or Spot are able to travel, and that all vaccinations are up to date – in particular, distemper, rabies and bordatella, which is also known as kennel cough. This way, if your buddy ends up wandering off and getting lost or placed into a shelter, having vaccination records will help you to be reunited a lot faster. Not only do you want paper work stating this, having up to date injections will ensure your pet is kept much safer when it comes to protection against diseases that may be strife when abroad.

The next top tip is to make sure your pet is wearing a collar ID. If you and your travel companion become separated you will have a better chance of being reunited if your pet is wearing an ID tag with your current home address and holiday address. Also include your mobile phone number and any other information of your travel accommodation. Since the pet ID tags are relatively inexpensive, it’s always a good idea to invest in a second one, this way you can place information of a friend or family member on there, this way they can contact you on behalf of the finder who can’t reach you abroad.

Another option is to consider having your veterinarian inserting a pet microchip as these are a brilliant way for rescuers to identify your pet if the collar or ID tag has been lost.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. If the only time your pet gets in the car is to visit the vets, the chances are he or she is not going to enjoy the ride to the airport or your holiday home. Before you go, practice a few short trips around the neighborhood and reward them, so they are taught that traveling is an experience that can be enjoyed.

Checking if your destination is pet friendly. There’s nothing worse than arriving late at night, going through all the practices and procedures of traveling with your pet and then finding out your hotel doesn’t accept pets. There are many hotels and lots of accommodation who welcome pet travelers, so do a little research and make your reservations early.

Pack a bag for your pet. In addition to carrying health documents, be sure to bring your pet’s health records, medication – spare to last through the trip if he or she is already taking some. A favorite toy or two and the special foods your dog prefers if necessary.

With a little planning in advance, you and your pet can travel successfully and return home safely. If they are a little mischievous, make sure you take out a little training before your travel, this way you can enjoy your time together with much less stress.

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