Pet Traveling as Checked or Excess Baggage

Traveling with your Pets  as Checked Baggage you will need:

Pet traveling as Check baggage SuppliesA Sturdy Pet Carrier/Kennel USDA and Airline APPROVED like Vari Kennel or Sky Kennel.

You will also need Food Water Dishes, Live Animal Labels, Absorbent bedding, metal nuts bolts if carrier is lacking, Kennel Name tag, Hand releasable cable ties.  Find these items and more in our Pet Airline Super Store.

Be sure and watch our Videos on how to prepare your pets carrier kennel for a safe flight.

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3 Responsesso far.

  1. hey lisa, i just want to express my appreciation that this website exists and contains ALL the infos and kits to order a nervous pet owner needs to have . i am moving country and my dogs have never flown in cargo.
    Now having all together and flight dates is only 5 weeks away, i am getting a bit more calm since i know i will have it all in place!

    thank you also for the fast reply regarding the travel crate!


  2. IMPORTANT NOTE: do not seal carrier with releasable cable ties until you make it passed TSA since they usually have you pull the pet out of the cage and Xray the carrier then have you and your pet go through the scanner together. Then put your pet back in the cage and seal with cable ties. The cable ties are hand releasable but people behind grown impatient if you have to remove the ties one by one….SO much easier to wait until you are passed the inspection point.