Pets on Airplanes Video Series

New Series teaches pet owners tips and tricks on how to travel with Pets On Airplanes.

Pets On Airplanes – Pet Travel Container Preparation

This video will demonstrate how to prepare your pet’s kennel for travel in the cargo area of an airplane. Instructions on how to assemble your crate with DryFur Airline Kit.

Pets On Airplanes – Pet Travel Container Easy Modifications

This video will demonstrate how to modify your pet’s none airline approved kennel to be considered acceptable for travel in the cargo area of an airplane.

Pets On Airplanes – Pet In Cabin Carrier Preparation

This video will demonstrate how to prepare your pet’s soft airline carrier for travel as carry-on in cabin area of an airplane. Instructions on how to assemble your carrier with DryFur In Cabin Airline Kit.

Pets On Airplanes – Measuring Your Dog for the Perfect fitting Airline crate or carrier

This video will demonstrate how to easily and accurately measure your pet for the proper pet carrier, crate or kennel size.

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11 Responsesso far.

  1. Hi! I was wondering if it is normal that my cats would have to wear a collar in their box? They are going on an international flight and I dont want them to be uncomfortable ??



    • Hi Vicky,
      If your cats are totally unused to wearing collars then you are right they would probably be much more comfortable without but be sure they are micro-chipped, most likely you have already had them micro-chipped as part of the international requirements.
      Thanks for visiting

  2. Good morning,
    I live now in Japan. My cat quarantine will be completed in 10/2 in Florida. I am worry about my cat to flight in cargo for more than 12 hours . I would like to bring my cat in cabin from Florida to California. Then, she will flight 10 hours in Cargo to Tokyo…
    My cat weight 20 pds. United told me my cat is too big to fit under seat. American airlines told me no particular weight but has to fit under seat. I am wondering if my cat will fit with sleepypod air? If not, would you provide me any recommendation. I will plan to go to Florida only if my cat can be in cabin. Otherwise, someone will bring her to AA cargo. They will flight her to LAX, she will stay overnight in LA then to Tokyo. I am very worry about kenneling. Thank you for your assistance.

    • Hi Nicole,
      I would check other Airline options for in cabin. I know the SleepyPod is nice but it is a little bit narrow for that big of a cat. Maybe check the SturdiBag. It is wider if you watch my video it shows all three in the beginning and if you pause the screen you can compare them side by side. (IT IS THE LAST VIDEO ON THIS PAGE) I know you can get a complete package at Katsnus with a SturdiBag TSA Fast Pass Leash Etc… Thanks for visiting !

  3. Hi,
    First let me thank you whole heartedly for your videos on modifying carriers and preparing to fly, I was wondering if I could modify my carriers. I have some of the same carriers you modified for my pets but now I find that I need to either modify or replace them for a relocation from New Orleans to Hawaii. My question is have you checked with the airlines (we are flying Delta Airlines) to verify that they will accecpt a modified kennel as shown in your video? I have some good strudy carriers and some less sturdy ones that I will replace.
    My priority is to get my pets to Hawaii safely and try to make it affordable. After surviving Katrina with us (and now Isaac) I won’t leave anyone behind who is healthy enough to go with us. (Only one cat has been re-homed at age 18 years but he is already a happy guy in his new home). So my focus now is on my kennels and travel to our destination. I truly mean it when I say how much I appreciate your information and videos on how to make this journey with my kids. I am thrilled that you have the supplies I will need, the pads and bolts to secure my carriers, and required items, they are on my list for purchase. Thank you.
    Sincerely, Margie, New Orleans/Hawaii

    • Hi Margie,
      Yes Delta does indeed accept them. Two of our clients rescues Chihuahuas and flies them all over the US in groups and they fly Delta.… both are in California. (one is at the Humane Society one is a private rescue group) they both modify the snap latch kennels since they had hundreds of them donated to them. The first couple of batches they shipped we donated bolts nuts and the 2 sizes of drill bits (actually the ones you see in the video once we were done with them) we sent them the video before it went public so they could get the carriers modified in a hurry and get the OK from the airline… After that they both have ordered thousands of nuts and bolts at wholesale so I am 100% sure it has been acceptable by the airlines.
      Hope this helps and good luck with moving the fur kids…

      Thanks for visiting

  4. Is it possible to get a customize’d carrier. I believe my dog is to big for the kennel. I was looking at the giant size 700 series and it measures 35H and I believe my dog is around 37H.

  5. Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you, for your THOROUGH and EXCELLENT videos on Pet Airline crate preparation and modification!! I am passing this website on to my daughter & Marine son-in-law, who are being transferred to Okinawa, Japan later this year. This is THE DEFINITIVE website for Animal carrier travel information.
    My sincerest appreciation for assembling these wonderfully informative videos.
    Dalia Azios

  6. I was recently watching you video on finding the right kennel size. We purchased kennels with the help of a “pet expert” at a major pet store but after looking at your video it seems to me that they are too short. I don’t want my dogs to be uncomfortable, we are moving to Hawaii in just two weeks so I really want to figure out if I can fix this. Can I extend a plastic kennel? Or do I need to exchange it some how?

  7. I’m travelling at the end of the year with my beagle and just got a pet carrier that people at the pet store told me about, but now it seems too big. I got the large one, but watching the videos it seems that my dog would need the medium or intermediate.
    Is there a problem with the carrier being bigger than the required one or would it be fine?