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Summary of Airline’s Pet-Travel Policies & Info


NO LONGER IN SERVICE……At Pet Airways, An Airline for pets only and Pets fly in the cabin not in Cargo. For more info visit


AirTran accepts small, domesticated pets that will fit in an approved carrier under the seat. The weight of the pet plus carrier cannot exceed 15 pounds. For more information call 800-AIRTRAN or visit .

Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air

Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air allow pets in-cabin, checked as baggage, shipped as cargo, or sent through their Goldstreak service. The airlines allow one small pet in first class and up to five small pets in coach. When your pet is checked as baggage, you must travel on the same flight(s) to your pet’s destination. Temperature, size, and other breed restrictions may apply. For further information, call Alaska Airlines at 1-800-ALASKAAIR (1-800-252-7522) or Horizon Air at 1-800-547-9308. You can also obtain information from .

America West Airlines

America West does not accept pets in its cargo compartment. The airline limits the number of pets who may be carried on in each cabin. Pets in-cabin count toward the carry-on baggage allowance. One small domestic dog, cat, or bird per passenger is accepted in the passenger cabin. For more information call 800-235-9292 or visit .

American Airlines

American Airlines allows pets as carry-on luggage or checked as baggage, depending upon the weight of the animal. Other temperature, size, and breed restrictions may apply. For more information, call American at 800-433-7300. You can also visit —look for information on “Travel Assistance” under “Programs & Services.”

American Trans Air (ATA)

Small domestic animals who are kept as pets may be transported on domestic flights for a fee. Transportation of animals is subject to restrictions and space availability. Contact ATA for more information at 800-I-FLY-ATA or visit .

Continental Airlines

NOW RAN BY UNITED Continental allows pets to travel in-cabin or to be shipped as cargo. Temperature, size, and breed restrictions may apply. They do not accept pets checked as baggage. Continental also mandates a rest stop for any warm-blooded animal who will be in transit for 18 hours or longer. For more information, call 800-575-3335 or visit (look under “Traveler Services”).

Delta Airlines

Delta allows pets in-cabin year-round and checked as baggage. Temperature, size, and breed restrictions may apply. Delta limits the number of carry-on pets per flight to one in first class, one in business, and two in the main cabin. Pets are accepted on a first come, first served basis. For more information call 800-221-1212 or visit
To ship an animal or pet in cargo, call 1.800.DL.CARGO (800-352-2746), option 6. PLEASE listen to the Kennel Requirements during the holding process very helpful info.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier will transport one animal per passenger checked as baggage. Temperature, size, and breed restrictions may apply. For further information, contact 800-432-1FLY or visit .

Northwest Airlines-Priority Pet (NOW Ran by DELTA)

Northwest (Delta)  allows pets in-cabin, checked as baggage, or shipped via VIP Same Day Package Service or cargo. Temperature, size, and breed restrictions may apply. You can get more information by calling Northwest at 800-692-2746 or visiting .

Lufthansa Air

Lufthansa allows pets in-cabin, checked baggage or as cargo. They specialize in flights in and out of USA, UK, Japan and Germany. You can get additional information by calling the general reservation line 800-645-3880 or visit their animal travel page.

Southwest Airlines

NOW ACCEPTING up to 5 SMALL PETS in Cabin as carry-on, or larger pets trained to assist people with disabilities. Southwest Airlines still does not accept live animals traveling as Checked baggage or in the cargo area of the plane, . For more information, visit .

United Airlines

United Airlines allows pets to travel in-cabin or to be shipped as cargo. Temperature, size and breed restrictions may apply. For further information, call 800-241-6522 or visit .

US Airways

US Airways allows pets to be carried on, checked as baggage, or shipped as cargo. Temperature, size, and breed restrictions may apply. For further information, contact US Airways at 800-371-4771 or visit .

Midwest Airlines

Midwest Pet Premier Program Small airline but great pet travel programs. 800-452-2022

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  1. In March 2010, we traveled with our cat in-cabin from Washington, DC to Sao Paulo, Brazil. We were originally scheduled to fly American Airlines, but switched to United Airlines after finding out that American will not accept pets in-cabin for international flights.

  2. I have come to find out that ALITALIA is an airline that allows pets as carry ons and they actually allow more than one pet per carrier! I was looking to find out how I could carry my 2 toy poodles to the US and they will do it. They ofcourse have a limit about weight and size but their site says “up to 5 pets of the same kind in one carrier.” I must warn you though that Alitalia is a very disorganised airline and as a result there are many employees that are not aware of the rules about pet allowance. Check their website under “Domestic animals” and when you are about to travel print out the rules and carry them with you.

    • Thanks for posting Elisa, I do not have much experience with airlines outside the USA but I do think the info might be of interest to our blog readers. for more info visit ALITALIA Thanks for visiting DryFur!

  3. I am moving to Bogota in May and I have a 20lb Boston Terrier. Based on what I’m reading, she’s too big for the cabin and most airlines won’t allow her in cargo due to her smooshed face (not that I trust the airlines with her as “cargo” either). What other SAFE options are there?