Complete Pet Airline Kit with LARGE DryFur® Pads

Airline Kit with Large Green DryFur
Pads & Kits NOW Sold separately


Weight:1.25-1.75 LBS
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Product Description

DryFur® “First Class” Deluxe Complete Pet Airline Travel Kit


  • 1 Set Spill Proof CLEAR Kennel Food & Water Cups*

(S-M Accessory Kit includes S-M Cups that hold 1.25 cups Each)

(L-XL Accessory Kit includes L-XL Cups that hold 3 cups Each)

  • 1 FULL Set of Live Animal Stickers/feeding instructions (5 Labels) (3 with Arrows are made with special Reflective material for better visibility)*
  • 1 Set of Solid Metal Kennel Securing Nuts & Bolts*

(S-M Accessory Kit includes 8pk Nuts Bolts)

(L-XL Accessory Kit includes 16pk Nuts Bolts)


  • 1 Set Cable Ties for securing snap latch & dial-latch
  • 1 set of Hand Releasable Cable ties for securing door*
  • 1 Temporary Pet ID Tag
  • 1 Laminated Kennel Tag for pet’s & owner’s Name*
  • 1 PET Airline Check-List & do it yourself instructions
  • 1 CLEAR Document Storage Zip Pouch*
  • 1 CLEAR Reinforced Dry Food Storage Zip Bag*

(Items marked with * MEETS NEW IATA, USDA & International or Domestic AIRLINE Regulations)

13 Responsesso far.

  1. If I put an order in today, how many days or weeks should I expect the products to arrive? Thank you.

  2. How well do the things in Deluxe Pet Airline Kit wth DryFur Pads stand up to chewing? We have a heavy chewer and because we’ll be on an International flight he’s required to have something absorbent in the kennel and food/water cups, but he ate his last food/water cups. So I’m trying to find something non-toxic and as chew proof as possible. Thank you for your time!

    • I would not recommend anything in the kit if he has already eating plastic cups in the past. I would suggest a stainless steel hook on pail or bucket for food and water. As far as absorbent material ours is not toxic but anything a pet will eat can cause a stomach ache or possible intestinal block. I would recommend a kennel floor grate both these people sell them. I think they call it raised kennel floor grate? But then you can put any type of absorbent material under the grate and your dog should not be able to chew it? I hope anyway…..Good luck this is always one of the hardest problems to deal with. Thanks for visiting

  3. I am really pleased with the prompt and speedy service we received when I called with a problem in our order. Lisa responded immediately and shipped our missing items the very next day, and we got them in a couple of days. This was a big help as we prepare to ship 3 big dogs on an international flight. Will let you know how the products survive our big, energetic dogs on this rather lengthy trip.

  4. I am traveling internationally on Air France with my 45 lb Border Collie. I purchased the Petco Premium Kennel 800 Series. I am interested in purchasing your Deluxe Pet Airline Kit, but I was wondering which size you recommend? S-M or L-XL? I’ve looked everywhere for a nice set of kennel bowls, and yours seem to be the best. Are they pretty stable once afixed to the door?
    p.s. I just counted the holes on her kennel and there are 11 holes.

    • The Petco series 800 is for large dogs up to 90 lbs it says on their site. So yes you would want the LG-XL kit for sure. It would give you more than enough hardware and the bowls are a good size for your dog. The SM-MD bowls are better suited for small dogs and cats. Our bowls do stay on the door and are very stable. But just in case The size LG-XL have a small built in loop that you can use to add a cable tie from the bowl to the door making them even more stable. Thanks for visiting!

      • Thanks so much! I now think that the 800 series is too big for her. She’s only 45 lbs. Granted, she has a ton of room to relax in there, but would it be better to go one size smaller when flying? The model 700 series is:

        36″ L X 25″ W X 27″ H
        Model 700 Series
        For Pets up to 26″ Tall
        For Pets up to 70 lbs.

        I just tested one out and she can definitely stand up and turn around. I assume I’ll still buy the LG-XL in this case anyway. Just wanted your opinion 🙂


        • Hi Michele,
          Yes I would still suggest the larger kit.

          FYI: the Petco’s 700 series is = Vari or Sky Kennel 400 (airlines terms) when you book the flight they will ask what size be sure and say 400 or give the dimensions try not to say 700 since the true 700 (airlines terms) is only allowed on a few airlines because of it enormous size.

  5. Hi I am relocating from Singapore to the US I purchased a kennel that is airline approved with the dimensions Large – 80X56X58.5CM, 5.686KG. It has 10 holes is the lg/Xl the right package for her and what would be the proper termionology to use with the airline when booking as it doesn’t have a brand name like vari or sky kennel. Thank you so much for your help and happy new year!

  6. WE are traveling to Italy via Air France with a 90lb golden retriever. We have purchased the Giant PetMate kennel to accomodate his 33″ height. I would like to order dryfur pads and water/food dishes. Not sure of what size. Any other helpful information is greatly appreciated.
    We have checked with the airline to make sure that their planes can accomodate the Giant crate.