Pet Inside Cargo – Baggage Area of Plane

Dog in Cargo area of PlaneUndercover agents gives us a real look into what happens in the cargo areas of an Airplane while pets are on board traveling. I love this video and wanted to share to those getting ready to travel. We all wanted to see the way they are loaded and what the area inside the belly of the plane looks like. This video is very insightful and I hope you find helpful. A REAL MUST SEE!

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  1. Thanks for this. It eases our minds a little as we will be traveling from Paris CDG to Newark in September with our two lovely girls. Makes you wonder about the TSA though!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks a million for this… My dog can get nervous sometimes and we are going on a cross-atlantic flight so I was a bit worried about her, but now I feel more secure

  3. Thank you for this video. Does this mean I have to unload my dog and 2 cats to go thru TSA security if I am traveling from US to UK? Though I am trying to acclimate them to their crates, in the past they have not been crated except for limited trips to the vet so it is not going well (cats). I had hoped once they were in the crate they would be good to go.

  4. Thanks so much for posting this. I had a bad experience about 12 years ago flying my large dog—they almost forgot to load her! I’ll be flying my current dog at the end of the month, and found this site while researching the best crate for her to fly in. I really appreciate the video, it is what we don’t get to see, but it is what the dogs experience.

  5. What a great video and thank you so much for posting it! Our dog will be flying to Hawaii next month and has no choice but to go in the cargo/luggage area of the plane. Your video has eased my mind quite a bit, so thank you again for posting this. It is truly appreciated from the heart…

  6. Thanks for posting this, my 42lb. pup flew from Mexico to NYC in the past (she is scared of vacuum cleaners so you can imagine she did not love it) but now will have to embark on her first cross-atlantic trip. I have been looking for images of the plane’s cargo area/pet loading and it seems almost impossible to find them. Thanks again!

  7. Thank you for the great video and the very helpful site. We will be taking our very calm, 130lb Great Pyrenees from JFK to Israel in Oct. I am quite nervous about it. Really appreciate this great video from you.

  8. I was led to believe they travel in a separate hold area that is temperature controlled etc. from the video it looks like they are in the normal luggage hold?
    My cat is flying two very long trips, worried sick. 🙁

  9. Thank-you so much for posting this! I’d been scouring the web for this type of information. Glad to see that they were by the door. It’s scary how closely they are packed in. My well-travelled Shi Tzu goes in-cabin with me but I can’t do the same with my new Cane Corso. Your Corgis are so adorable!

  10. This is a great video but didn’t actually make me feel any better as the dog is clearly terrified on the ramp up to the plane! We brought our dogs and cats from Dubai to Los Angeles and they were all absolutely fine (but nervous wrecks) once they arrived. My concern here is about the unloading of the animal to swipe for explosives. Is this standard procedure in the US? We may have to move to Europe soon and the thought of TSA getting our very skittish, poorly socialised rescue dogs out of their travel boxes and managing them safely, and being able to get them back into their boxes, fills me with horror. Or are they accompanied by an experienced handler? Can anyone shed any light?

    • This video was made in Canada. But I am certain US has very similar security screening processes. Will depend on airport/airline but from my understanding some airports have private screening rooms if you are worried your dog might jet on you and get loose you might want to confirm what options are available at your departing airport.

      • Thank you for the reply. On closer look at this video it looks like the owner is getting the dog out of the box himself. This would be much better, but obviously you have to travel on the same flight. I will have to check what’s available at LAX. I know I sound like a paranoid owner but these are highly unsocialised dogs who have been abused, and rescued off the street in Dubai. Not just anyone can handle them but they are fine if handled correctly.

        Another thing I was wondering, when they flew from Dubai (on KLM via AMS) they were not allowed to wear their collars for safety reasons, and yet this corgi seems to be led out with a collar and leash and put back in with his collar still on. I would use a slip lead for this if I were allowed to do it myself and leave the collars off. But what about the kitties? They’d bolt at the first opportunity!

  11. Thanks for posting this video! Taking our 12 year old Belgian Malinois on his second trip in 8 years to the UK along with our 5 year old miniature Dachshund. Even though we’ve done this before, I’m still worried for our boys.
    To answer Alison’s question above – live animals are placed in a heated, pressurized cargo hold along with luggage. Most large jets have at least one of these, the other(s) are non heated, non-pressurized for all other luggage, etc.
    When I was a flight attendant, I used to have passengers ask me to let them know when their pets were boarded, easy info to get from the pilots/ground crew. Now that I’m a passenger, I do the same and most flight crews are happy to oblige. It’s a small thing, but at least I know we’re all on the same plane! I also always take my flight crew a small care package for them to share – chocolates, magazines and hand lotion. A small thing for me, but huge for the flight crew.

  12. Thanks for posting! Just wondering if there’s any lights on while they travel? Just hoping my boy isn’t going to be in complete darkness!? Thanks 🙂