Pet In Cabin Airline Checklist and Tips

  • Current Health Certificate (Veterinarian)
  • Rabies Certificate (Veterinarian)
  • Vaccination Records (Veterinarian)
  • Clip Pet Nails or have done professionally (Vet)in cabin pet airline checklist
  • DryFur Pet Carrier Insert installed
  • 2nd DryFur packed for return trip
  • Food & Water Cups Collapsed & Stored
  • 1 Day Supply of Pet’s Food Packed & Stored
  • Temporary Pet ID hung on Harness D-Ring
  • Kennel Tag hung on carrier strap
  • Flight documents & itinerary Packed & Stored
  • Current Picture of Pet Printed & Stored
  • Temporarily Remove Pet’s normal Collar with Metal ID tags at TSA Screening but be sure and leave on the TSA Fast Pass Harness & Leash should be tethered to your wrist at all times.



DryFur Pet Carrier Insert: Place pad in bottom of kennel to absorb all wetness. For best results it is recommended that no additional bedding be placed in the carrier.

TSA Fast Pass Leash-Harness: Laws require all Pets to be on a leash when in public. We recommend you harness your pet even while in the carrier making it easy to attach the leash when going through the TSA checkpoints. TIP: Be sure and keep the leash tethered to your wrist at all times.

Kennel Tag: Use any pen to fill in with pet’s name and temperament information then attach tag to the carriers strap with the chain provided.

Reinforced Dry Food Storage Bag: It is not always a requirement but it is recommended to bring along a one-meal food supply for your traveling pet. Fill bag with your pet’s regular food and store in the Meal on the go bag.

Collapsible Food & Water Cups:  Collapse the cups and store in the provided Meal on the go bag.

Meal On  the Go Bag: After filling with food pouch and cups slip in the side pocket of the pet carrier or alternatively you can detach the shoulder strap of the carrier and loop the strap through the drawstrings of the bag then re-attach the strap to the carrier.

Temporary Pet ID Tag: Use a permanent pen to mark tag with temporary contact no. i.e. Your cell, pager, work, family member, email. This will insure the pet’s owner is reachable while traveling or between destinations. Attach to the pet’s harness. You can leave you pets regular ID tags on your pets collar but remove the collar temporarily for TSA check points as most ID tags and collars have metal components and will trigger an alarm in the metal detector.

Document Storage Pouch: Use to store flight documents, veterinary certificates, current photo of pet and Airline Checklist, then store in the side pocket of the pet carrier.



Pets On Airplanes – Pet In Cabin Carrier Preparation

This video will demonstrate how to prepare your pet’s soft airline carrier for travel as carry-on in cabin area of an airplane. Instructions on how to assemble your carrier with DryFur In Cabin Airline Kit.


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