DryFur® PCI Medium Yellow 2pk

Medium Yellow DryFur Absorbent Pet Airline Carrier Pads

DryFur Medium Yellow Pet Carrier Pads
SKU:  DF200-2PK


Size: Medium Yellow 200

Weight:1.25 LBS


Product Description

DryFur® Super ABSORBENT Travel Pads 2pks – Patented – Triple Award Winning – fits 200 Kennel


  • Super absorbent DRIES INSTANTLY
  • Locks all wetness away from pet (even water bowl spill)
  • Fulfills Airlines requirement for Soft Absorbent Bedding
  • Insulates against heat & cold
  • Air-cushioned for Ultra comfort (like a tiny air mattress)
  • Soft and cloth-like
  • Provides a stable surface for standing, sitting & turning around on
  • Gives pet owners peace of mind
  • Inexpensive & disposable
  • Ideal for Pet Travel, Pet Shipping and Pet Transporting
  • Color Coded Sizes

Dog Fancy AwardCat Fancy Award Pet Product News award

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15 Responsesso far.

    • Probably hold more than a dog can pass in 24 hours+ we used to do tradeshow demos with squirt bottle I never found it necessary to replace pad only found it necessary to refill the squirt bottle? Do not have an exact volume but have never had a request for refund due to not being able to absorb enough and we do offer money back if not satisfied on this item.

    • Hi Emma,
      Are these the floor measurements or the measurements supplied by the manufacturer which normally include the side rims and door entry?
      If these are your floor measurements then I would suggest a Medium Yellow DryFur.
      If these are the measurements that include the outer rims etc.. I think this sounds like a 100 series if that is the case then I suggest a Small Blue Dry Fur. Hope this helps and thanks for visiting DryFur.com

  1. thinking of getting these for my dog and cat, but am concerned as this is the first time the cat is traveling by air, and he always lifts the pillow we crate trained him with and hides under it. (I have removed the pillow and replaced with a towel now as we will be flying in about 6 weeks now). I want him to have a comfy and absorbent pad, but am concerned about his ability to have adequate air exchange since he will most assuredly be having it over his head. Every time he goes in the car, to the vet, anywhere in his crate, he hides under the cushioning. Would he be able to breathe under a dry fur pad, or should I just use a towel for him?

    • You might look into our Breathable pads.
      They come in a pack of 4 so maybe adhere one to the floor and another loose on the top so she can hide yet still have one under her. They have no plastic sheets like normal puppy pads and they will dry instantly if she has an accident. Better than a towel since a towel will not dry if pressure is applied the fluid will still release. These will lock the fluid in keeping her dry and more comfortable. But be sure and adhere one on the floor of the kennel with double tape so it stays put and she can’t get under it.

  2. Hi! Is this something I can have my dog use while he’s being boarded for 3 to 7 days? Will one last that long? (He’s not a mat chewer.) Thanks!

  3. I really liked using these pads for my transit from Hawaii to Tennessee. In the past when we’ve flown our pets the regular potty pads gathered to one side before we even got on the plane. As I understand, when the courier landed our cats’ crates were dry and the pads were in place. They seemed very sturdy upon placing them inside. However my only complaint is that the available sizes of dryfur pads do not match the different available sizes for kennels. I have two medium kennels (used for our cats) which the blue pads were used and fit just perfectly. However I ordered the green since its the largest one and as they come two in a pack, I had to just lay the two next together and I don’t recall if they really were as solidly taylored as the blue ones but they wound up sliding. I just wish and think (since most petowners I know, let alone, military families who intend to ship their pets, have much larger dogs than my own…) they should make some to at least accommodate those crates. Thats all. But the product quality is great and they really do have a lot of useful information & supplies for people flying their pets. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Stevie,
      I wish we could produce a DryFur PCI’s for the XL and Giant crates. The issue we run into is shipping them. Once we produce a pad that large that is rigid & flat we can’t ship them without incurring an oversize rate which usually cost more money than the pads itself. And finding packaging to ship them in is expensive too, Fedex and UPS are our only option for XL items and they require them to be boxed so we would have to purchase a very large framed picture moving box for it to fit and stay flat. If we ever work this out we will absolutely offer a Larger sized DryFur PCI for all our clients with giant pooches. I do Thank you for shopping with us and posting on DryFur.com!!

  4. I have a crate that is 32″ L X 22.5″ W. Could I put two small or two medium pads side by side? Would it still be comfortable for my dog to lay on as it looks like there is an edge around eat pad?

    • The measurements you have provided sounds like the advertised outside dimensions, correct? If so we have a handy kennel calculator that will figure the inside measurements. When I put in your measurements it reads: The kennel you have entered is classified by the airlines to be a 300……. with a inside measurement or capacity of 28″L x 20.5″W

      SO the DryFur Large Green ( DF-300 ) would fit it perfect. But you can use two MD but the Larges will fit best and only need one.

  5. Confused. Does dry pad have a cover that it goes into?
    Not really very soft for a long 15 hour flight.
    Please advise.

  6. What if my dog decides to chew on the pad (sometimes he does/sometimes he doesnt) is whatever is inside non toxic?

    • The pads are non-toxic, But I do not recommend them if you dog is prone to chewing or eating strange non food items. They can cause stomach distress if ingested and they will not work well if they are torn up.