DryFur® Pet Travel Products Marketing

professional cat breedersDryFur® products offers great marketing opportunities. We are currently seeking Pet Professionals and Retailers in the following categories who maybe interested in adding the Dry Fur Travel products to their current line of offerings.

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  • DryFur® inserts are the perfect product to offer to clients who:
  • bring their pets in for health certificate prior to traveling with pet (flying or driving) (especially when extreme weather is a concern)
  • own pets that frequently have accidents while being transported
  • request medication for sedation of pets to reduce stress of being transported
  • come in for grooming and wish to insure that the pet will arrive home fresh and dry even if accident occurs
  • are picking up pet after surgeries and/or illness to insure pet stays clean and dry

Boarding Kennels:

  • use as disposable bedding
  • offer for sale to pet owners who own pets that do not travel well and frequently have accident in cages while being transported to and from kennel

Grooming Shops:

  • use in holding cages so pets that are waiting to be groomed or waiting to go home after grooming will stay clean & dry (no re-grooming required if accidents occur)
  • offer for sale to customers so freshly groomed pet will arrive home in same condition

Breeders & Breeding Kennels:

  • use in carriers when shipping pets to new owners
  • use as birthing pads (whelping boxes)
  • use when transporting show pets to and from events this will insure that pet arrives clean and dry
  • put inside show holding cages where pets must spend long periods of time

Pet Shops, Pet Stores & Animal Shelters:

  • offer for sale to customers who are transporting their new pet home
  • perfect addition to pet carrier lines


  • offer for sale to customers transporting pets as cargo, carry on and checked baggage

Pet Transport Services:

  • offer for sale to customers who are purchasing pet airline shipping services
  • offer for sale to customers who are purchasing pet door-to-door ground transportation services

Pet Taxi Services:

  • offer for sale to customers who are purchasing pet door to door taxi services to and from grooming appointments and veterinarian visits


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