Dry Fur® PCI Large Green 2pk

Green Large Size DryFur Pet Airline Pad
DryFur Large Green Pet Carrier Travel Pads

SKU:  DF300-2PK


Size: Large Green 300

Weight:1.50 LBS



Product Description

DryFur® Super ABSORBENT Travel Pads 2pks – Patented – Triple Award Winning – Fits 200-300 Kennels

  • Super absorbent DRIES INSTANTLY
  • Locks all wetness away from pet (even water bowl spill)
  • Fulfills Airlines requirement for Soft Absorbable Bedding
  • Insulates against heat & cold
  • Air-cushioned for Ultra comfort (like a tiny air mattress)
  • Soft and cloth-like
  • Provides a stable surface for standing, sitting & turning around on
  • Gives pet owners peace of mind
  • Inexpensive & disposable
  • Ideal for Pet Travel, Pet Shipping and Pet Transporting
  • Color Coded Sizes

Dog Fancy AwardCat Fancy AwardPet Product News award

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8 Responsesso far.

  1. We’re traveling with our two Beagles overseas. The inside dimensions of their kennels are ~30Lx20W. Will the Large pad be big enough?

    • It will not cover the entire floor but it will come with two in a pack you can stagger them or some others have used the Breathable pads first then the DryFur PCI Large (Green) on top. That way the floor is covered and the DryFur they can still lie on. But yes it is impossible for us to manufacture a DryFur that large and rigid that stays flat and then ship it. It would cost more than the pad just for the shipping. You can also look into the Breathable pads some of the customers use those by making a pillow case out of them and putting in an old bed or cardboard etc… to keep it flat. Then it would work like the DryFur PCI…We have a diagram on that page that kind of show some tips…
      Thanks for shopping at DryFur.com!

    • Hi Rosie,
      They are nontoxic but still they are not good to consume either. Much like a dog who eats a stuffed animal, tissue or eats a piece of blanket. Not toxic but can block them if they eat enough.

      Thanks for posting!

  2. Hello,

    My dog and I have a 20 hour trip ahead and I am worried about my pet’s comfort. Are these inserts padded and comfortable enough for suc a long trip or woud you rather recommend stitching two breathable pads and stuffing them with a pillow or something of the sort?

    Thanks for the help.

    • Hi Alex, My opinion is they are comfortable and yet are not so thick that they take up head room which is so important to the airlines. If you get too thick of a mat you could end up raising the dog just enough to require a larger crate for the 2″ head clearance requirement.
      If head room in his current crate is not an issue then a thicker mat like pillow inside the breathable pads would be extra comfortable.

  3. Hi,

    I just wanted to let you know that I had a good experience with the Dryfur large pads when we took our two cats overseas in a very large crate. One pad wasn’t large enough, so we sewed them together to fit, and although not recommended for cats, we used a perfectly fitted (tight) cushion underneath anyway, and it worked out.

    The pad was in great condition, and the kitties made it 16 hours without messing in the crate, including being placed next to a frantic, barking dog at baggage control (and possibly on the plane?) and a long customs exam. Poor babies. It wasn’t until they were in the car almost home that they had to relieve themselves, and the pad performed admirably well. The odor from urine and feces wasn’t that bad even in a closed car, and the cats were dry when I took them out.

    I’m now back for more pads because the blankets I use on the small crates to take the cats to the vet get soaked if they have accidents, and the cats get wet too (and the vet and I, which makes for a very uncomfortable time for all involved). I’m done with blankets and will only use Dryfur pads from now on.

  4. Hi!

    I’m going to a 20h trip with my cat and the case is 43cm large x 24 wide, is that the right pat I should use or it better the medium one? Thank you very much, I like the videos you have on the internet and all the help for the poeple who travel with pets, thanks!