Pet Airline Food Water Dishes – REVIEWs

DryFur® Travel CUPs

Ideal for pets traveling on Airlines.  They easily and securely clip on to any wire door. They also have some very unique feature not seen in standard pet carrier food water dishes.

Pet Airline Food Water dishes


Dry Fur Travel Cups are transparent so food and water levels can easily be seen and monitored from outside the kennel door.

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Spill Proof Pet Airline Water Dishes
Spill Proof

Spill Resistant:

Dry Fur Travel Cups Feature a Splash Catching Lip that guides water back into the cup but still allows pet access.

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Watch our Cup Compared to Standard Cups

Where do you prefer your pets water to be when her or she is thirsty?

On the Kennel floor or in the cup ready to hydrate?

After just a few minutes of movement the competitors cups is completely empty.

No more thirsty pets, empty spilled water bowls & wet pet carrier floors.

Our Pet Travel cups help make your pet’s journey safer & even more comfortable.

  • Transparent so levels can be monitored & contents can be
    Pet Travel Cup Features
    Dry Fur Travel Cup Features

    viewed by airline personnel

  • Features a spill resistant lip which aids in preventing spill overs during flight movements
  • Made of durable clear plastic to withstand years of use
  • Features rounded edges for added safety for your pet
  • Securely and easily clips over horizontal wire of all carrier/kennel doors
  • Aids in keeping your pet well hydrating & nourished while traveling
  • Accessible from outside of carrier without opening door
  • Sold in sets of 2 (1 food & 1 water)
  • Exceeds USDA, IATA & all airlines requirements
  • Sm/Md cups holds 1.25 cups – Lg/XL Cups holds 3 cups (Lg/XL Available Fall 2010)

Airline Kennel Bowl
L/XL Dog Kennel Bowls NOW AVAILABLE!

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7 Responsesso far.

  1. Why isn’t there a price for this item? Is it free or too expensive to mention? How are we to decide if we can do business if theres no price?

    • Hi Rick,
      Sorry for any confusion our site may have caused. The item is available in our store. The Small size is $9.99 set, the Large size is $10.99 set, often they are on sale with FREE SHIPPING. Thanks for visiting

  2. Do you have a picture of the comparison between the S/M cups and the L/XL? I have two dogs that are flying with us overseas, one is 45 lbs and the other 80 lbs. I started to order the large, but they sound like they would take up quite a bit more space and that the smaller ones are the same size as the ones that came with their kennels. Any help? Thanks!

  3. Hi.

    Understand airlines require the two dishes inside the crate, and properly secured. Is it possible in addition to these 2 dishes to have a door mounted drip bottle dispenser, and if so, is this allowed on the outside of the crate (to prevent my dog from chewing it)? I am looking into the possibility of this additional bottle because my dog undoubtedly will spill all water in the dish.

    I am looking to fly internationally with United, using a 700 series Petmate crate.

    Appreciate the advice.


    • Some airlines allow the bottles some do not… they usually will have a rule on their site about nothing hanging outside the kennel… But many will allow. I myself am not a big fan of them due to the vibration of the airplane tends to make these bottles have a continuance drip which empties the bottle onto the kennel floor. But if you get a real good one and test it and if the airline will allow should be ok. If your dog does chew you probably want a flat back SS water Bucket.