Kennel Extension Kit – Extends Height 500 plus


The 500plus Kennel Extension Kit will add 3″ to the height of your existing Sky Kennel XL, Vari Kennel XL, Grreat Choice XL or any Petmate 500 size dog travel kennel (40″L x 27″W x 30″H OUTSIDE Dimensions {Advertised size} )


If your dog is traveling internationally the airline NOW requires for the safety of your dog a full 2-3″ of extra head room above your dogs head or tip of ears (in pointy eared dogs).  If you have an existing 500 size kennel that your dog is acclimated to and fits your dog but lacks the extra head room required, the 500Plus Kennel expansion kits are the perfect accessory. They easily modify your 500 XL dog kennel into airline compliancy. Simply add the two metal rails in-between the top and bottom and install the new bigger steel door and you are set.

The kit is 100% hand installed, no tools or hardware needed or required. Simply set the two rails in-between the top and bottom of the kennel. Then install the new door and thread the provided 5.5″ bolts with metal washers through the existing kennel bolt holes and secure with the reinforced Metal Thumb Nuts (all provided in the kit). That is it.. as easy as putting together the original kennel and your kennel is now 3 inches taller and will now provided the extra head room required by your airline.


500Plus  KIT INCLUDES:kennel extension kit logo

(3)  Ventilated Metal Rails

(16) 5.5″ Bolts

(16) Washers

(16) Solid metal Thumb Nuts

(1) NEW Larger size Metal Grated Door



kennel extension kit metalkennel expansion kit hardwar

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