DryFur® Cushioned Pad User Instructions


The DryFur® pet carrier inserts currently comes in 4 sizes: Pink-Petite , Blue-Small, Yellow-Medium, & Green-Large. The flexible wings creates a one size fits all in each size category. A properly sized DryFur® will fit snugly into carrier with its flexible wings extending partially up on the interior wall of the carrier. Once you have decided what size of DryFur® fits your pet carrier best, our color-size coding, makes purchasing the right size DryFur® very simple.

DryFur® Sizing Chart

DryFur Color Coded Size Chart


Insert the DryFur® diagonally through the pet carrier’s opening cushion side up, with the stay-clean tab toward you. Place your hand on top of the insert and gently push downward until wings flex upward onto interior walls and the bottom of DryFur® is in contact with the bottom of the carrier. Place pet inside carrier. Close the door. The stay-clean tab should extend under or through the wire openings of the carrier door.


Once the pad becomes soiled simply remove the insert from pet carrier by grasping the stay-clean tab then dispose of it in the regular trash. (In a pinch the pad may be removed then turned over and placed back in the carrier clean side up and used a second time)

dryfur instructions size insert dispose

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2 Responsesso far.

  1. I have purchased the large Sturi pet carrier for in cabin travel on our flight, it measures 18L x 12W I am wondering what the proper fit would be for the dry fur mat – blue or yellow, should the mat come up the sides a quite a bit or is the blue sufficent ?

  2. Will be using a Petmate Sky Kennel extra large

    Can you use 2 of the dryfur pads to wk as this seems like the best pad but doesn’t make bigger than large.

    Thanks for advice. Dog travel across the States will be more comfortable with these pads.