Hand Releasable Cable Ties

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Product Description

  • 24 pk Hand Releasable Cable Ties to reinforce Kennel Door During Flight
  • Required by all airlines
  • Hand releasable / reusable
  • Keep kennel closed and pet safe during flight
  • Fits all Airline Approved Kennels
  • Extra Large Trigger
  • MADE in the USA
  • 8″ long
Cable Tie holes around kennel door
Cable Tie Holes For Securing Door

Did you know that NOT applying Ties to the airline kennel door is the Most Common yet BIGGEST mistake made by airline personnel and is the major cause of incidences like pet loss, escape, injury and even death.
Our Special Hand Releasable Cable ties, are required for securing Airline Kennels, Crates & Carriers DOORs during flights.

They feature an Extra Large Trigger – makes opening door easy to do with no tools yet keeps door securely closed during flights, and during loading or unloading on the tarmac and cargo area.

TIP: If your carrier / kennel is lacking these special holes that is easily modified by drilling your own slightly behind all four sides of door.

ATTENTION: We have recently discovered some “professional pet shipper’s” offering for sale on their websites a set of 2 VERY long (21″) hand releasable cable ties that they recommend you install by stretching the cable tie from kennel door all the way to the ventilation panels on the side of the kennels in lieu of just using the pre-drilled cable tie holes or drilling cable tie holes yourself around the door.

PLEASE —DO NOT FOLLOW the instruction of these “professional pet shippers” or purchase (21″) hand releasable cable ties for securing the door, this METHOD is very dangerous and poses a real risk to your pet, including reports that pets have been injured by chewing and swallows the accessible cable tie also escape have been reported when cable ties where improperly installed USING THIS METHOD. read both these recent airline reports… At DryFur.com WE ONLY SELL the exact same 8″ hand releasable cable ties the airlines use and recommend you use. We also recommend you install them properly around the door as they are intended to be installed, so you can be sure your pet is safe and secure. Please buyer beware!

how to apply cable ties to kennel door incorrect method of installing cable ties to kennel door
*Re-Useable cable ties aka Zip Ties… Why cut and discard cable ties, ours are re-usable again and again. Smart, simple & Good for the environment.

kennel cable ties - releasable
So simple but oh so effective!

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4 Responsesso far.

  1. I just ordered 100pk of the cable ties for the future, but felt compelled to share my experience with XXXXXXXX airlines. Last month I traveled from Houston to DC with my dog as Excess Baggage. I secured his kennel door with REGULAR Cable ties and the airline insisted we cut them off since they were obviously not HAND Releasable. So after we cut them off we found out the airline check-in counter had ran out of the HAND Releasable ones they insist we use. So THANK God Rocky made it OK with no incident, but it absolutely made me a nervous wreck the entire flight. I appreciate your site and the products you sell I just wish I had found you before our last trip.

    • Hi Jenny,
      This is the first I have heard of this but I am glad everything went ok. I am not surprised that the airline was out of supplies this is quit common and even worse if you are flying out of a small town airport. These special Cable Ties are very hard to find and we purchase ours from the same supplier the airlines purchase theirs from so you can be assured ours are airline accepted and approved.
      So it looks like you are all set now for any future trips, Thanks for visiting!

  2. Hi,

    I ordered extra hand releasable cable ties from you (thank you) because I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that you also have to secure the four corners of the crate. My kennel does have holes in the corners, so it would seem that his might be true, but I was wondering if you could confirm it for me. I ordered releasable ones just to avoid any issues at the check in counter.

    Also, I would just like to thank you for all your help and great products. This is by far the best resource I have found for listing just what you need to get your pet SAFELY on that plane and not get refused. The checklist is great as are the videos about what do do on the day of the flight etc. Thanks. (I only wish I could find a single resource as good as yours for the documentation and airline requirements for USDA, Europe/Swiss. Documents I understand, but the timeline for legalization is not clear.)

    • Hi Shawn, thanks for commenting. In regard to the holes on the corners of the airline kennel. If it is a Vari or Sky Kennel those are called tie down holes used to secure the kennel to the floor with bungee cords. The floor of the plane in the cargo area usually have these metal rings for attaching things. The idea behind the large holes on the corner of the kennel was so that airline personnel could secure the kennels to the floor so they did not shift, slide or turn over. Not sure how often they are used but pretty sure that is what they were designed for. You can use cable ties in these holes for help in securing the kennel and some sites suggest to and I am all in favor of more is better. Thanks for shopping at DryFur.com and thank you for kind comments too!