DryFur® PCI Patented Features keep pets Dry & Comfy


Designed to be inserted into pet carriers, crates, kennels and cages while pet is traveling or being transported by plane, train or automobile. (ideal for PET TRAVEL, PET SHIPPING, PET air & ground TRANSPORTING & PET RELOCATING) Super Absorbent Polymers trap wetness from pet in a gel-like state deep below the surface of the pad. Soft, Cushioned and cloth-like to keep pet completely DRY and Ultra comfortable. The insulated rigid core provides stability to the carrier and helps holds the insert in place (no bunching up) providing a stable surface for the pet to sit, stand and turn around on. The best part, Dry Fur pet carrier inserts are completely disposable. No washing or laundering ever required, just use until soiled and toss away.

DryFur® is the first and only disposable crate mat on the market. To Order visit

  • Super absorbent (SAP Technology)
  • Locks all wetness away from pet (even water bowl spill)
  • Insulates against heat & cold
  • Air-cushioned for Ultra comfort (like a tiny air mattress)
  • Soft and cloth-like
  • Provides a stable surface for standing, sitting & turning around on
  • Gives pet owners peace of mind
  • Disposable after soiled
  • Ideal for Pet Travel, Pet Shipping and Pet Transporting
  • Colored coded for easy sizing

Patented Features

Stay-Dry Super Absorbent Pads (top & bottom)

2 pads with Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) quickly absorb mishaps from all directions, then locks the wetness away from pet & owner.

Cloth-Like Claw Resistant Cover

Soft & cloth-like for comfort, yet strong enough to resist tears.

Rigid Insulating Core

Insulated to protect pet from extreme temperature. Rigid, providing a stable surface for the pet to sit, stand and turn around on.

Air Cushioned

For comfort and added insulation. Like a tiny air-mattress.

Color-Coded, Stay-Clean Tab

Provides a handle to grasp when disposing. Designed to extend under or out through the wire opening of the carrier door to ensure it stays clean and dry. Color-coded for easy size recognition. Blue=Small, Yellow=Medium, Green=Large.

Flexible Wings

Provides side absorption, comfort and stability. This patented feature allows the insert to fit all carriers in it’s size category.

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18 Responsesso far.

  1. I am confused between the DryFur pet carrier inserts, thw washable pad and breathable pad. What is the difference?

    Which one should I get if I were to transport my pet from Singapore to USA?

    • Hi Jesse,
      We started to offer the Washable pads for dogs who are destructive and dig and tear bedding. They really are not the best for keeping pets dry, they actual wick wetness away rather than LOCK it away.

      Our Breathable pads & DryFur Pet Carrier Inserts LOCK wetness away and therefore are disposable.

      Any absorbent product that will keep your pet completely dry will not be washable. You will not be able to wash it, if you do they will blow up huge with water trying to lock it in the pad. Also any urine in the pad you will not be able to get out, it is locked in the pad. So all absorbent product that are washable do not offer instantly dry surface no matter what the advertisements might claim…it is physically impossible. To be washable the fabric has to easily release liquids.
      The best way to describe is the Washable ones are like a Washable re-useable cloth baby diapers and the Breathable ones are like Disposable (Pampers, Huggies) Diapers.

      Our DryFur Pet Carrier Inserts are the Best we offer they are stiff and cushioned like a small mat. They are comfortable and stay flat under the pet unlike the other pads that fold and shift easily. Yet they are disposable.

      Hope this helps and thanks for visiting DryFur.com

  2. Question: The carrier I am looking at seems to be a tad too small (is 8 inches width-wise, but 17 inches long) to fit the small dry fur, should I use 2 petites or would the small still work out? Thanks

    • I would stick with the Small BLUE. They will fit best. The sides are flexible so they will fold up the sides slightly which is desirable. That will help keep the pad in place.

      Just the center of the pad is rigid and the SMALL BLUE rigid center measures about 8.5×15.5 so it will fit. The entire pad including both the rigid center and the flexible perimeter measures19.5×12.5 so any extra padding will flex and fold up the sides of the carrier making a tray or nest like shape.

  3. Another size question: The bottom of my dog’s crate measures 16 inches by 27 inches. Which size should work best?

    • If you want to stick with the DryFur PCI which I suggest then the Large Green would be best. It is not quite long enough but if has features none of the other pads have. SO it is well worth the trade off. The other pads we sell that are larger are not rigid or cushioned so if you buy those you need to figure out how to keep them flat in the crate.
      Thanks for visiting Dryfur.com

  4. Hi! I have purchased a set of your pet carrier inserts to use for my cat in a large SturdiBag on a long-haul (15 hour) flight. Would you recommend placing the pad over the fleece pad that comes with the SturdiBag, or would it be better to remove the fleece pad completely and only have the DryFur pad?

    • It’s better to replace the fleece pads for the trip. The fleece one is very nice but if she has accident on edge of carrier it may get the fleece pad wet. If the fleece is gone it will be absorbed by the bottom of the DryFur since the bottom is as absorbent as the top is…

  5. I have 2 crates one 40″ x 27 and the other 36″ x 24″ .We are traveling on a long international flight, what size pads should I get?

    • Hi Joanne, I wish we had our DryFur PCI in that size but they are impossible to ship when they are that large and flat. The biggest we make for our deluxe pads (DryFur PCI) is the Large which fits up to a 300 maybe 400. Anything larger the only option we have is our Breathable pads. They go up to 33×44 but they are not rigid and cushioned. They are the material we make our DryFur pads out of without the stuffing. Many of our clients use the breathable pads to line the floor and a DryFur on top of it for comfort. Or some take the Breathable pads and stitch two together like a pillow case and stuff them with an old bed to keep it flat. The covering will absorb and dry instantly like our DryFur and the stuffing you provide will keep it flat and comfortable. I wish I had better options for these Oversized crates.

      Thanks for posting!

  6. Hi. I will be travelling internationally (USA to Italy) with my cat in cabin. It will probably take plus/minus 12 hours, which includes the time we leave from home to the airport. How many DryFur pads should I consider taking with me? Thank you

    • 1 is usually enough but many put 2 in and remove the top one if need be. But usually 1 is fine. They can hold tons of fluid. Thanks for visiting DryFur!

  7. I have a large divided sturdibag. Would any of the sizes work on this type of carrier? Would it be possible to cut one in half?

    • I’m pretty sure the Size Small will fit. It fits the normal Large Sturdibag perfect. You will not want to cut them they will not cut well and could create a mess. It appears the Large sturdi bag has same measurements of the Large Divided carrier but not sure how the dividing wall works. If the wall is permanent and you can not slide pad under the wall to cover both sides then I think the 2 Pink Petites would work one for each side of the divided compartments. If you come up with a good solution please post back your feedback. Thanks for posting!

  8. We are flying from Arizona to the UK. Our dog has to fly cargo. What pad would you recommend? I want her comfortable and I will be unable to remove anything during the whole flight. Thanks!

    • All our Disposable pads will dry instantly but the Cushioned ones have more comfort but they only come in smaller sizes up to maybe a 300 kennel. For bigger kennels our Breathable pads will dry but they are not padded just the special stay dry material but you can make them cushioned by attaching two together like a pillow case and stuffing with old bed or mat…

  9. My cat will soon go on a 12 hour flight but she has a bad habit of tearing up absorb ant pads. Are the dryfur ones quite tough and are the chemicals inside safe if she bites at them?

    • Hi Catherine, the SAP inside the pads are nontoxic, normally cats won’t eat nonfood items or at least not much of a nonfood item. If you think she will tear it up it will not work very well. If you think she will eat a lot of this you run the risk of here getting the same effect as a large hairball which cat be miserable for her. So it really is hard to say if the DryFur pads will fit your needs.