Dog Crate Water Bottle Nozzle

Dog crate water bottle nozzle

Dog Water Bottle Nozzles

Fits All Used Soda bottles

Available in many colors

Weight:0.50 LBS

Measures: 5.5 x 2.5 x 3.5″ / 14 x 6 x 9cm






Product Descriptionwater nozzle on airline kennel door

Water Nozzle for Dog Travel Crate / Kennel easily attach to wire kennel doors with simple Bolt on design. Drip Proof yet easy for pets to retrieve water for healthy hydration while traveling on planes. Nozzle fits all Soda Pop Bottles and many Water Bottles. Perfect for recycling old plastic bottles. Available in Many Cool COLORS. Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Almond and Brown. A must have for summer traveling pets in the cargo area of planes. Many Airlines like Japan Air require for international destinations. So be sure to check your airlines requirements before traveling. This item is not recommended for daily use, but you can remove the no drip feature by removing the internal spring to allow the water to dispense more freely. Although you will want to replace the spring when traveling since this is what keeps the water from dripping during constant moving like while in the cargo area of an airplane. See bottom of page for directions.

  • Made of durable plastic and metal
  • Effectively dispenses water as needed
  • Easily bolt-on to install on the cage-kennel-crate doors
  • Install various sizes of bottles to accommodate specific size of your pet
  • Adjustable height


Does not include Water Bottle Only NOZZLE

features dog water nozzle


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