Comfort Grip – Soft and Hardsided Pet Carriers

comfort grip for handles on pet carriers

Price:$4.99  set of 2 NEON Wraps

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Brand:TSA Fast Pass® & DryFur®

Weight: 0.25 LBS






Product Description

Add comfort to all pet carriers soft sided and hard sided. Also perfect for shoulder straps. Brings attention to your pet carrier or kennel by adding a brightly NEON colored Comfort Grip to the handle. Easily seen from airplane window helps you spot and watch your pet being loading into the area of the plane.

Available in Neon Hot Pink, Neon Red, Neon Blue and Neon Green. Reads Live Animals – Handle with Care Adds comfort to any handle grip including pet kennels, soft pet carrier bags and is reversible so can also be used on luggage. Making luggage easy to identify and claim at baggage claim area. SOLD IN SET of 2


5″ x 5″ Neoprene material  sturdi-with-handle
Set of 2
Bright Fluorescent Neon Colors
Adds comfort to handles and straps
Available in Blue, Green, Pink, Red
Perfect for Pet Carriers, Kennels and Luggage
Cautions Airline personnel to handle with care
Reversible design change from Live Animals to Blank to use on luggage
Handy Luggage and Pet Carrier-Kennel Identifier

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