Cat Harness Leash Choosing – Training

choosing a cat harnessStep 1. Pick a Harness:  When picking a harness for a cat you will want keep in mind your intended use like walks in the backyard or park, trips to the vet or traveling cross country in car or on airplane. Some other things to consider are style, material and features.

  • Styles: Some of the most popular styles are vest, jacket, figure 8, traditional, figure H and step- in.
  • Materials:  Options include quilted cloth, polyester mesh, leather, nylon strap, nylon cord or a combination of these materials.
  • Features: Such as reflective strips, D-rings, metal buckles, plastic release buckles, Velcro closures and adjustable slides



Cat on a leash

Step 2. Pick a Leash: When picking a leash for a cat  you will again want to keep in mind your intended use and consider style, material and features.

  • Styles: Some of the most popular styles are standard lead, retractable and budgie
  • Materials: Options include leather, metal chain, nylon strap, nylon cord, cloth or a combination of these materials.
  • Features: Such as wrist loop, hand grips, swivel latch, standard length, retractable,  multi length or stretchable


Step 3. Measure your Cat for Harness: To measure your cat for the proper harness size you will need a flexible tape measure. Snugly wrap the tape measure around your cat’s chest to get the correct girth measurement. You will need this measurement when purchasing your new harness.


Step 4. Put the Harness on: Adjust if need be to get the best fit. Then put the harness on your cat and allow him/her to get used to it while indoors and under yours supervision. Make it a short session and be sure and give your cat some type of reward and praise during and afterwards. Every few days extend the length of time you leave the harness on until you find your cat is feeling comfortable and begins to stand and walk comfortably.


Step 5. Attach the Leash to the Harness


Step 6.  Walk Cat in Harness indoors only


Step 7. Take Cat Outside for short walk in fenced area only


Step 8. Finally Take cat for longer walks in new areas


TIP-1: Cat Harnesses made of cloth are proven to be safer than harnesses made of Straps or Cords.  Strap and/or cord Harnesses pose a risk of choking or strangulation if a cat is not supervised and gets tangled.

TIP-2: Step in Harnesses are much easier to put on and take off your cat than Traditional Cat Harnesses with buckles. Remember putting on the harness is one of the biggest obstacles cat owners face in the first few days of training your cat to wear a harness, so we recommend you start with a Step in style harness with Velcro type closures.

cat harness step in features


how to measure for cat harness





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