Breathable SUPER Absorbent Kennel Pads

Plastic free super absorbent travel pads
Size: XL 22″x33″ Foldable
Size: GT 33″x44″ Foldable
Weight: .75 LBS

Product Description

DryFur® BREATHABLE Super ABSORBENT Travel Pads 2pks. Similar to puppy pad but has NO PLASTIC LINER, which can be dangerous. Also perfect for Breeders as Whelping Birthing Pads, Absorbs and Locks away all Fluids that carry Bacteria and Germs. Safer than puppy pads that contain plastic back sheets. Absorbent Bedding is required by all airlines for traveling pets.

  • Super absorbent DRIES INSTANTLY
  • Breathable – no dangerous plastic back sheet
  • Locks all wetness away from pet (even water bowl spill)
  • Soft and cloth-like
  • Gives pet owners peace of mind
  • Inexpensive & disposable
  • Ideal for Pet Travel, Pet Shipping and Pet Transporting
  • XL 22″ x 33″  &  Giant 33″ x 44″ both can be Folded to Size
  • Absorbent on top and bottom
  • Perfect For Birthing Whelping Pads
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold in 2pks or with our Basic Airline Kits


breathable kennel pad liners

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  1. What is the difference between this product and the XL Carrier Absorbent Padding? My dogs will be going on a 15 hours trip, which of the two products do you recommend?

    • Well I like the breathable pads way better. The XL Carrier Pads are ok they are hand washable but I prefer disposable as disposable is always better because it locks the wetness inside. Any Washable pad on the market will not ever lock the wetness inside or it would be impossible to wash them as they would balloon up huge with all the water used to wash.

      So the XL Carrier pads are re-usable and washable but do not dry instantly or lock the wetness inside permanently, the wetness will come out when pressure is applied.

      Breathable Pads are disposable and lock the wetness away instantly and you can not wash them. You can apply all kinds of pressure or ringing but you can not get the wetness back out.

      • I need to take my dog (Siberian husky) in a giant crate from Thailand to the Netherlands. The measurements of his kennel floor are 33.5 x 21 inch. I would prefer to use the breathable pads for such a distance but these are only 31 inches long, while the XL carrier pads are 33 inches long. What would be your advice? Can the breathable pads for example easily be stitched together? And do they keep him cooler than the XL pads would do?
        Many thanks!

        • They are both about the same size..They both are flexible and foldable so yes you can stitch either one very easily.

          The XL Universal Pads are a little stronger and thicker so they stay a little flatter (still thin though) and washable.

          The Breathable ones are a little thinner than the Universal pads but they feature SAP that absorb liquid and locks it inside.

          Even better would be to stitch the two together like a quilt.. that way they would stay flat and dry instantly but you would not be able to wash the pads any longer because the Breathable pads will over expand if they are exposed to huge amounts of water…I wish we made a DryFur PCI in that size but they are impossible to ship once we make them rigid and cushioned and would be like shipping a XX large framed picture…. so instead we began to offer the material the DryFur PCI are made out of which is the Breathable Pads.

  2. The Airline we are traveling on says it requires ” SOFT ABSORBABLE BEDDING ” will these pads fit that requirement?

    • Hi Tammy,
      Absolutely! Any of our pet pads will actually meet and exceed the airlines requirements for Soft Absorbable Bedding. Thanks for visiting

  3. Can the Breathable SUPER Absorbent Kennel Pads be cut, and half used at a time, or will they leak if you do that? (I know the website says you can fold them, but it would be nicer to cut them so that the dirty half can be thrown away. I’ll be taking a VERY LONG flight and will need several.)

    • You can cut them but I recommend you stitch the cut edge. They don’t really “leak” but the paper fibers and SAP can get messy if they get wet and do not have an encasement to hold them inside the pad. But the product will feel just like a piece of cloth and is very easy to run a straight stitch to seal the edge. This is how we seal the DryFur Pet Travel Pads edges. (our colored Travel pads)

  4. Are these safe for dogs to ingest? My dog chews a lot and if he ingests some is it dangerous? He will be traveling for about 18 hours.

    • Hi Jenny,
      They do not contain anything toxic but I still would not recommend them for a pet that “chews a lot” Even something as benign as a blanket, towel or newspaper if consumed in large amounts can be very dangerous. For big chewers I would suggest plastic grated flooring to keep them dry. Email customer service and I can send you a link or two of suppliers that offer this item. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Hi,

    I bought a Petco 500 series crate for my big cat. The measurements of the crate is 28″ long and 20.5″ wide. We’ll be traveling from DC to Bangkok and I’m not sure which pads to buy. The large green carrier pad only fits carriers/crates 24 1/2″ L to 17 1/4″ W. Should I get the XL breathable pads and fold them since they’re 33″ long x 22″ wide? Which ones are more absorbent and comfortable?

  6. I’m moving with my dog (4 yrs old pug cross) from UK to CA, USA in a few weeks. Luckily, despite my worry, the airline has no problem flying the dog in the middle of summer. I was going to purchase your Breathable SUPER Absorbent Kennel Pads, make a pillow case and stuff with his favorite blanket. However, I am still concerned about the heat during the long flight. I want to make sure he’s as comfortable and stress-less as possible, but not quite sure what to do. Would you say it is better to stuff the Absorbent Kennel Pad pillow with a cooling pad or something? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    • The cooling pad couldn’t hurt if it is going to be hot. But the most important thing for pugs is air flow so be sure you have a large enough kennel. Maybe 1-2 sizes bigger than required. And be sure it has lots of ventilation on all 4 sides. Might even add a few holes in lower wall if they are lacking at nose level. Good luck and Thanks for posting!

  7. I just bought the giant size and want to stitch them together, can you tell me which side (blue or white) should face outward, I.e. what color should the dog be sleeping on. Thanks

  8. We are travelling with our cat to Europe. The pad seems pretty hard and she doesn’t really enjoy laying on it since there isn’t much cushioning..what do you recommend? Can I put some cushioning underneath the pad to add some softness ?thanks

    • Sure you can the Breathable pads are thin but The DryFur Pet Carrier inserts come with padding inside them and we find cats enjoy lying on them. They might be a better choice for comfort.