Pet Airline Food Water Dishes, Spill Proof

Pet Airline Food Water dishes transparent


Weight:0.25-0.50 LBS

Shipping:Free Shipping (US Only)

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Product Description

NEW Spill Resistant Hook-on Kennel Cups perfect for Airline Traveling Pets

No more thirsty pets, empty spilled water bowls & wet pet carrier floors.

Our Pet Travel cups help make your pet’s journey safer & even more comfortable.


  • Transparent so levels can be monitored & contents can be viewed by airline personnel
  • Spill resistant lip which aids in preventing spill overs during flight movements
  • Made of durable clear plastic to withstand years of use
  • Rounded edges for added safety for your pet
  • Securely and easily clips over horizontal wire of all carrier/kennel doors
  • Accessible from Outside of Kennel without opening Door
  • Aids in keeping your pet well hydrating & nourished while traveling
  • Exceeds USDA, IATA & all airlines requirements
  • Sm/Md Holds 1.25 Cups each, measures 3.25″W x 4″L x 2″Depth
  • Lg/XL Holds 3 Cups each, measures 4.25W” x 6.5″L x 2.25″Depth
  • Sold in sets of 2 (1 food & 1 water)

Airline Kennel Bowl

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19 Responsesso far.

  1. I found these wonderful food and water clip cups about two months ago. I am a breeder of Siberian kittens and could never find any dishes…let alone those which would hold anything…other than a dropper full of water!
    These are fantastic!! They fit on any wire door…the rim on the nicely sized dishes keeps water and food from sloshing around when the carrier is moved.

    I ship kittens around the country and the kittens always write ‘Thank you’s’ when they arrive at their new homes…to tell me how nice their trip was since we found these wonderful containers! This time I asked for ‘expeditious’ service so I would be sure to have them for the next shipping…They came today…the day after Labor Day…which tells me Lisa was busy before the Holiday! Thank you, Lisa…I am most appreciative and am recommending these to my breeder friends as well. Barbara

  2. I need this product before I leave on 10/06/10. Could you send it some
    way that gets here on time (and charge me accordingly? Thank you.

      • Thanks Lisa,
        The travel water cups arrived in good shape and in plenty of time for our
        departure. I appreciate your quick response, and free shipping! And I’m
        sure our 18 year old Maine Coon cat will appreciate the water in his
        carrier! Thanks, and I will spread the word.

  3. Hi DryFur Team,

    I just moved from overseas back to the States with my pup. All of your supplies and travel tips were extremely helpful. These spill proof cups were my favorite in the airline kit and they worked great! The only feedback I have is that it would be a nice option if you made these Sm/Md cups in stainless steel too. My pup chews on things when he is nervous; and even though he had plenty of chew toys with him, he chose to destroy his water dish instead. I still love the design and water spill-proof rim.

    Thank you for helping with a smooth puppy move!

  4. I was getting ready to order, but then started to wonder, will the LG/XL cups fit together on a door the size of a 200 Vari kennel or do I need to order the Sm/Md to fit that small of a kennel?

  5. I am THRILLED with!!! I needed them to send these L/XL bowls immediately. I forgot to order them and my wife was leaving the following week. I ordered them on Saturday and they arrived Tuesday morning. I could not have been happier about this. I HIGHLY recommend for you pet and I will definitely use them again for any of my pets needs.

  6. I’m so thankful for these bowls! I was able to put them on my dog’s crate to ensure that he had water on our long move from California to Germany. He arrived nice and dry, and there was still water left in his bowl. These are wonderful!

    • Hi Rebecca, Thank you so much for your feedback. When I hear things like this it reminds me how much I love what I do, designing pet airline safety products can be so fulfilling. “your pup still had water available” which is so important especially in the Summer. Thanks again you made my day!

  7. We have a soft carrier and plan to take our cat with us in the cabin, will these work in a soft carrier without any wire to hook them to?

    • I am sorry Jennifer these will not work for a soft carrier. When pets travel as carry on in the cabin they are not required to have water or food dishes. So you should be fine.

  8. Hi, i am living in Brazil and am moving back to London with my black lab.. i cannot find anything suitable to use for a water container and am getting a little worried as we are making the move at the end of March.
    I am interested in the non spillable water containers. He drinks a lot of water so are they large?
    Do you deliver to Brazil or can you get a them to London by the end of the week?



  9. I will be flying my dog in cargo from NY to Hawaii and was trying to decide between the spill proof cups and a watering bottle with the little ball. Which is better? If I go with the spill proof cup, can I freeze the water in the cup so that it will last the entire 11+ hour flight even with a little spillage? Which size do you recommend for a cocker spaniel in a size 300 crate?

    • I really am not a big fan of the water bottles for a couple of reasons, 1. some of them tend to leak or drip till they are empty when on the plane from the constant vibration. 2. Most cats and dogs do not understand how to drink from them without training, and some never do figure it out.

      If you do decide to purchase bowls I would recommend the size Large the small ones are for cats and small dogs. Thanks for posting!

  10. These bowls are fantastic. The bowls follow airline regulations of having a feeding bowl where the pet can be fed without opening the door. And, they are the only bowls we have found that truly don’t spill while traveling. We place them on the inside of the crate door, just under their water bottles. It catches the water that drips out, they prefer to drink from the bowls, the crate stays dry – everyone is happy. I highly recommend these bowls for anyone traveling with their pet.

    • You would want at least the size Large. If you are traveling in the heat (summer-Spring) you might want to also look into the PitBowls they are the largest we carry and will hold plenty of water for hydration.