Attachable Airline Kennel Bowls – LARGE

Airline Kennel BowlDog Airline Kennel Bowls

Every since we launched our Wonderful Transparent, Clip-on, spill resistant Food Water airline kennel dishes, We have had tons of requests from Dog Parents looking for a product just like ours only BIGGER!

“Do you offer Large Size Hook-on bowls for my DOG’s airline kennel crate?”

“Where can I get food water bowls just like yours only bigger?”

“Do you stock anything bigger? My dog is big and very thirsty, these bowls are awesome but way too little for him.”

You asked for it you got it!

Introducing our BRAND NEW Size LARGE Transparent Spill Resistant Clip-on Food and Water Bowls for BIG Dog! On sale but in very limited quantity at this time. Plenty more will be arriving in time for Spring / Summer travel season. Available in our L/XL Airline Kits or Alone in sets of 2. To order visit our store.

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