XL Carrier Absorbent Padding, Bedding | Reusable

Size: XLarge White 22″ x 33″

Fold or Cut to size


Weight: .75 LBS

Washable and Reusable




Product Description

NEW 2pk XL Universal Absorbent Kennel / Crate Floor Liner


XL Measures 22″ X 33″ Can Be folded or cut to fit any Carrier / Kennel / Crate / Cage

Absorbs and quickly wick wetness away

Made with extra strong material to resist tearing and clawing

Hand washable and reusable (must be hand washed in sink with mild dish soap)

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  1. I need an absorbent pad for a giant crate that will be going with my dog to Germany. How thick is this pad? Can it be used on top of another pad?

      • You might also want to try our new Breathable Travel Pads. They are very similar to a puppy pad but no dangerous plastic back sheet. These pads Dry Instantly just like the DryFur Inserts. They can be wrapped around an existing bed or crate mat and taped on the underside. Then they will stay put also like our DryFur Inserts, yet they are value priced at $10.99 for 4pk. Each measure 22×33. We sell them in a 4 pk or a single pad as an add-on option to our Basic Airline Kits.

    • Not in the form you may be worried about. The pad does Not have the thin plastic sheet like puppy pads or diapers, but it is made from a special material called nonwoven that is made with plastic. Many products are made with plastic such as carpet but they do not have the same properties or appearance of standard plastic we know. This product is extremely strong I think your dog may have a hard time actually chewing it into pieces that could be swallowed it is actually stronger than cloth, so not sure it would be an issue. But dogs have been known to even chew part of the plastic kennel while inside so I can’t guarantee that.

  2. my golden retriever has very bad arthritis so I’m looking for a product that has some cushion to it and that will comply with airline recs. How thick is this bedding? Thank you.

    • I would not recommend this product for your arthritic Golden. I think he would do my better with a cushioned bed or crate mat. If you are worried about him having a wetting accident then you could get the breathable pads and wrap his cushioned mat with them. Some clients have made like a large pillow case out of a few of them and then put their pets bed inside that way he will be comfortable and if he wets it will dry instantly..then you can throw away the pads. Thanks for visiting DryFur.com!

      • How do you attach the pads together to make the pillowcase? Are you talking about the dryfur pads when you say “breathable pads”? I also have an arthritic dog that will need to be crated for airline travel. Thanks!

  3. I need pads for petmate sky kennel 500 size crates for
    a flight duration of 7 hours, so a maximum
    time of 10 hours in the kennel. I want the pads
    to be soft, absorbent and stay in place so the
    dog can turn around and his feet do not slip.
    What is the best product for this (apparently your
    DryFur pads are not available for size 500 kennel?)