New Absorbent Pads with Stay-Put Strips

Absorbent pads Stay Put Strips
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Super Absorbent Pet Travel Pads for Pet Carriers Kennels

Our New Pet Carrier Absorbent pads NOW FEATURE Stay-Put Adhesive strips to keep the pads in place and prevent bunching. We now offer them in 3 sizes XL 22″ x 32″  Fits 400 /  XXL 24″ x 36″ Fits 500  /  Giant 33″ x 44″  Fits 700. All our pet carrier travel pads are Breathable and have no plastic back sheets keeping pets safe. The Super Absorbent polymers contain all fluid deep in the pads keeping your pet dry and clean. Our Absorbent pads are perfect for Airline Soft pet carriers, hard sided pet kennels as well as a great liner for whelping boxes. Our Super Absorbent Pet Carrier pads come in many sizes and can be folded to fit many sizes and are sold in 2pks. You find these and all our other Absorbent Pet Pads at

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