Pet Bed – Pet Carrier – Car Seat by Snoozaroo®

Price:ON SALE Brand:Snoozaroo® Weight1.50 LBS Snoozaroo® Pet Bed Includes: Pet Bed Shoulder Strap Safety Tether Lead   Product Description Our NEW Snoozaroo® Pet Bed, Pet Carrier, Car Seat in ONE. The Snoozaroo is a perfect bed for your traveling cats, dogs, puppies or kittens. It’s the only soft pett bed that when lifted automatically stretches intoRead More

Pet Airline Food Water Dishes, Spill Proof

NEW Spill Resistant Hook-on Food Water Cups Perfect for Airline Traveling Pets.

No more thirsty pets, empty spilled water bowls & wet pet carrier floors.

Our Pet Travel cups help make your pet’s journey safer & even more comfortable…. [Continue Reading]

10 Biggest Mistakes Pet Owners Make Shipping a Pet By Air

Shipping your pet in an old worn out or broken down pet carrier with missing or faulty attachments. Purchasing a brand new pet carrier with unreliable plastic attachments, top loading or other non-airline approved features. SEE Pictures of Pet Carriers and Kennels that are FALSELY promoted as “Airline Approved” SEE How to modify a “Non-Airline ApprovedRead More

Pet Carrier Kennel Safety & Securing Tips

We will demonstrate how to re-enforce non airline approved pet carriers and make them safer. These type of pet carriers with plastic attachments often fail to stay closed, which can be extremely dangerous even when transporting you pets short distances like to and from the veterinarian’s office.

Step 2 – How to Secure Pet Airline Kennel

Video # 2 will demonstrate how to replace missing broken and plastic attachments with solid metal nuts and bolts. Pet Carrier Kennels with Plastic attachments are no longer considered “airline approved’ by many major airlines because of the risk of escape and loss of traveling pets… [Continue Reading]