IATA LAR CR #82 crate

NEW Stricter airline rules for transporting or traveling with dog breeds classified as fighting or aggressive has many pet parents scrambling for information and assistance in understanding what this might mean for them and their traveling furry friends. To start this Post I’ll First discuss the specific rule and what it actually means:  IATA LARRead More

Airline Approved Pet Carriers and Kennels Reviews Reports

WHAT is a Airline Approved Pet Carrier or Kennel? Read our Unbiased Reports & Reviews on some of the Top Selling “Airline Approved” Pet Carriers & Kennels I have decide to start this page to try and guide pet owners who are shopping for an “Airline Approved” Pet Carrier or Kennel.  At DryFur.com we doRead More

Pet Airline Safety Checklist & Travel Tips

Our Deluxe Airline Kit includes all the items needed for safe and comfortable pet airline travel. Follow these simple Pet Airline Checklist full of diagrams and instructions on how to prepare your pets carrier kennel like a Professional Pet Shipper… [Continue Reading]

Measurement Guides for Airline Pet Carrier-Crate-Kennels

Guidance for Calculating Properly Sized Pet Airline Shipping Containers The size of the container (crate, kennel, carrier) must be such that it will allow the pet to stand in a natural position, turn around easily and to lie down in a natural manner at all times. The images above gives measuring directions and a guidelineRead More

IATA Live Animal Shipping Sticker Labels – Bulk Rolls

Live Animal Labels on Bulk Rolls. Available with or without arrows as well as Shipper’s Declaration feeding and water instructions. Perfect for Airlines, Pet Shippers, Breeders, Labs or anyone in the business of moving animals of all kinds.
All our labels are printed on material with strong adhesive that will easily stick to all surfaces including smooth plastic… [Continue Reading]


Standard Single Sets of Live Animal Stickers, Labels / Decals w /Shippers Declaration & Feed Water Instruction.
Ours sets are printed on “Special Reflective Material” and includes bonus Kennel Tag instructing Airline Cargo Personnel to Alert Captain Live Animals are aboard so extra care will be taken…. [Continue Reading]

Step 1 – How to Apply Live Animal Labels

Video # 1 will demonstrate how to properly label your pets carrier for airline travel. Including where to adhere the Shippers Declaration – feeding instruction sheet and Live Animal Labels and where to attach the Kennel tag with you and your pets name and contact info… [Continue Reading]