Pet Inside Cargo – Baggage Area of Plane

Undercover agents gives us a real look into what happens in the cargo areas of an Airplane while pets are on board traveling. I love this video and wanted to share to those getting ready to travel. We all wanted to see the way they are loaded and what the area inside the belly ofRead More

10 Biggest Mistakes Pet Owners Make Shipping a Pet By Air

Shipping your pet in an old worn out or broken down pet carrier with missing or faulty attachments. Purchasing a brand new pet carrier with unreliable plastic attachments, top loading or other non-airline approved features. SEE Pictures of Pet Carriers and Kennels that are FALSELY promoted as “Airline Approved” SEE How to modify a “Non-Airline ApprovedRead More

Prepare Pet Carrier Kennel For Airline Flight

LEARN HOW TO: Prepare Your Pet’s Airline Travel  Carrier Kennel Like A Professional PET SHIPPER High Res Flash Files below: STEP 1. How to Label the Carrier / Kennel with LIVE ANIMAL labels STEP 2. How to Secure the Carrier / Kennel for a safe Flight STEP 3. Add Comforts to your Pet’s Travel CarrierRead More

Pet Airline Food Water Dishes – REVIEWs

DryFur® Travel CUPs Ideal for pets traveling on Airlines.  They easily and securely clip on to any wire door. They also have some very unique feature not seen in standard pet carrier food water dishes. Transparent: Dry Fur Travel Cups are transparent so food and water levels can easily be seen and monitored from outsideRead More

Pet Traveling as Checked or Excess Baggage

Traveling with your Pets  as Checked Baggage you will need: A Sturdy Pet Carrier/Kennel USDA and Airline APPROVED like Vari Kennel or Sky Kennel. You will also need Food Water Dishes, Live Animal Labels, Absorbent bedding, metal nuts bolts if carrier is lacking, Kennel Name tag, Hand releasable cable ties.  Find these items and moreRead More

Deluxe LIVE ANIMAL Label set of 5 – $3.49 FREE SHIPPING

Deluxe Single Sets of Live Animal Stickers, Labels / Decals w /Shippers Declaration & Feed Water Instruction.
Ours sets are printed on “Special Reflective Material” and includes bonus Kennel Tag instructing Airline Cargo Personnel to Alert Captain Live Animals are aboard so extra care will be taken… [Continue Reading]

DryFur® Applications and Common Uses

Use New Dry Fur pet carrier inserts when transporting pets to and from:

Breeder, Pet Shops or Shelters to new home, Grooming Appointments, Boarding Kennels, Doggie Daycare’s, Dog & Cat Shows… [Continue Reading]