Water Funnel for Dog Airline Crate – Steps to Convert Nozzle

 Ordinary Water Nozzle for water bottle If you have purchased a water nozzle you can easy convert the Water Nozzle into a Water dispensing funnel in a few easy steps. That way the airline can effectively dispense water to your travel dog or cat without opening the door of the kennel or crate.    Read More

Whelping Pads – Box Liners

DryFur® Whelping Pads –  Super Absorbent Box Liner Introducing the first Whelping pad that actually dries instantly, Has no dangerous plastic back sheet,  Absorbs on both top and bottom, locks away wetness and bacteria, reduces the risk of infections like Bacterial Mastitis. Keeps puppies and kittens clean and dry. Our pads are hospital grade, strongerRead More

Fur Dry

Dry Fur will keep your pets Fur Dry while traveling in a pet carrier. Stop using towels that do not lock the wetness in and start using a product made to absorb and lock wetness away. DryFur® is not to be confused with Fur Dry by Furminator a product used to dry pets while beingRead More

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