Pets Traveling as Carry-On

Traveling with Pet as Carry-on you will need: Plastic underseat carrier or Duffle Bag type Airline Approved Carrier. Sherpa Bag , SturdiBag & SleepyPod Air are the BEST*. DryFur Absorbent Pads size Petite Pink or Small Blue are the only size that will fit into carriers that are small enough to fit under seat. AbsorbentRead More

Pets Traveling in Cargo

Shipping your Pets in Airline Cargo you will need: A Sturdy Pet Carrier/Kennel USDA and Airline APPROVED like Vari Kennel or Sky Kennel. You will also need Food Water Dishes, Live Animal Labels, Absorbent bedding, metal nuts bolts if carrier is lacking, Kennel Name tag, Hand releasable cable ties.  Find these items and more inRead More

Pet Airline Incidents Reports

US airlines are required to report all pet incidents including escape, injury and death. We collect and post these incidents not to scare or alarm pet owners but rather to help pet owners learn from these mistakes and make better decisions when their pets travel. All though these incidents are very rare many of them have one factor in common that could have be easily avoided… [Continue Reading]

Pet Airlines Info & Travel Links

Traveling to Hawaii for the 5 Day or less Program AVOID 120 DAY QUARANTINE Traveling to the UK,  Steps to AVOID QUARANTINE NEW RULES for EU-UK VERY EASY And NO 6-8 Months waiting or quarantine required…NEW RULES MAKE IT EASIER & CHEAPER TO BRING PETS TO UK-EU Bringing your cat dog or other pets toRead More

Step 1 – How to Apply Live Animal Labels

Video # 1 will demonstrate how to properly label your pets carrier for airline travel. Including where to adhere the Shippers Declaration – feeding instruction sheet and Live Animal Labels and where to attach the Kennel tag with you and your pets name and contact info… [Continue Reading]

Step 2 – How to Secure Pet Airline Kennel

Video # 2 will demonstrate how to replace missing broken and plastic attachments with solid metal nuts and bolts. Pet Carrier Kennels with Plastic attachments are no longer considered “airline approved’ by many major airlines because of the risk of escape and loss of traveling pets… [Continue Reading]

Step 3 – How to Add Comfort to the Kennel

Video # 3 will demonstrate how to add comfort to your pet’s Airline carrier kennel. Including where to attach the hook-on food water dishes, how to keep your pet dry with absorbent bedding and how to be sure your pet has a small supply of his/hers regular food in case of layover or flight delays… [Continue Reading]

Step 4 – Day Of Your Pets Flight

Video # 4 will demonstrate how to secure the door of your pet’s carrier kennel with releasable ties to be certain it does not open during flight, we will also demonstrate how and where to attach the travel documents and health certificates so they are easily accessed by airline personnel at the departure and arrival stations… [Continue Reading]

Dog Crate Water Bowl Accessible from outside

Food Water Dishes attached to inside of kennel door so they are accessible from outside of the kennel during flight. This image demonstrates what is meant by the Term Used by airline “Food & Water Dishes must be accessible from the Outside of the kennel.” Airlines may use watering spout can similar to the onesRead More