Water Funnel for Dog Airline Crate – Steps to Convert Nozzle

 Ordinary Water Nozzle for water bottle If you have purchased a water nozzle you can easy convert the Water Nozzle into a Water dispensing funnel in a few easy steps. That way the airline can effectively dispense water to your travel dog or cat without opening the door of the kennel or crate.    Read More

Dog Crate Water Bottle Nozzle

Water Nozzle for Dog Travel Crate / Kennel easily attach to wire kennel doors with simple Bolt on design. Drip Proof yet easy for pets to retrieve water for healthy hydration while traveling on planes. Nozzle fits all Soda Pop Bottles and many Water Bottles. Perfect for recycling old plastic bottles. Available in Many Cool COLORS.

IATA CR-82 Pet Crate Food Water Bowls

The Pit Bowl – New Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Hook On Food & Water Bowls to fit your IATA Container Requirement 82.  With many airlines now requiring many dogs classified as “Aggressive Breeds” to travel in reinforced travel crates made of metal or wood. This hook on bowl will comply with the airlines CR82 requirementRead More

Collapsible Pet Food Water Dishes for Traveling

Perfect for In Cabin traveling pets. Compact and easily stores away in the side pocket of any soft pet carrier bag. Pops up for feeding and watering your pets. Convenient way to offer your pet food and water in the event flights are delayed or canceled or while staying in hotels.

Pet Airline Food Water Dishes, Spill Proof

NEW Spill Resistant Hook-on Food Water Cups Perfect for Airline Traveling Pets.

No more thirsty pets, empty spilled water bowls & wet pet carrier floors.

Our Pet Travel cups help make your pet’s journey safer & even more comfortable…. [Continue Reading]

SS Hook On Water Bucket 1-quart

Holds a FULL QUART of Water or Food, 2 easily fit onto door of Vari Kennel 200-700.
Stainless Steel will last forever.
Super High walls to contain water.
Perfect for Large Thirsty Dogs especially in Summer.
Hook-on flat back…. [Continue Reading]