Pet Airline Travel Kit – Basic Pet Airline Kit

Basic Kit includes all the minimum required items for pet traveling on airlines.
Live Animal Labels
Set of Food Water Cups
Kennel Name Tag
Available with or without Standard Floor pad… [Continue Reading]

Airline Carrier-Kennel Hardware – Metal Nuts and Bolts

Replaces any broken missing or faulty plastic pet carrier attachments with our SOLID metal Nuts & Bolts. One size fits all pet carriers regardless of size, brand, style or type. As long as it has holes to accommodate screws our Universal Kennel Hardware kits will fit…. [Continue Reading]

Breathable SUPER Absorbent Kennel Pads

DryFur XLarge White fits Kennel size 400

Measures 31″ x 24″
Can Be Folded to Size – NO Plastic Back Sheet
Made in the USA

Pet Airline Food Water Dishes, Spill Proof

NEW Spill Resistant Hook-on Food Water Cups Perfect for Airline Traveling Pets.

No more thirsty pets, empty spilled water bowls & wet pet carrier floors.

Our Pet Travel cups help make your pet’s journey safer & even more comfortable…. [Continue Reading]

Travel Kennel Tag – Temporary Pet Id Tag Combo

Kennel Name Tag – Temporary Pet Id Tag Combo
Fill-in with Sharpie Permanent marker or Pencil.
Kennel Tags for pets name are now required by airlines.
Temporary Pet ID Tags are perfect for adding owners traveling contact information to pets collar… [Continue Reading]

Deluxe LIVE ANIMAL Label set of 5 – $3.49 FREE SHIPPING

Deluxe Single Sets of Live Animal Stickers, Labels / Decals w /Shippers Declaration & Feed Water Instruction.
Ours sets are printed on “Special Reflective Material” and includes bonus Kennel Tag instructing Airline Cargo Personnel to Alert Captain Live Animals are aboard so extra care will be taken… [Continue Reading]

50 sets Live Animal Shipping Labels

Enough Live Animal Label Sets to ship 50 Pets. Perfect for Pet Professionals – Pet Shippers – Pet Breeders
All our labels are printed on “Special Reflective Material” and strong adhesive that will easily stick to any surface including smooth plastic… [Continue Reading]

Dry Fur® PCI Large Green 2pk

DryFur Large Green fits Kennel size 300

Measures 24.5 x 17.25
Will fit Carriers with floors Measuring from 20.5 L x 13.25 W – 24.5 L x 17.25 W
SKU: 181412000038, Brand:DryFur… [Continue Reading]

DryFur® PCI Medium Yellow 2pk

DryFur Yellow Medium fits Kennel size 200

Measures 23.5 L x 15.5 W
Will fit Carriers with floors Measuring from 19.5 L x 11.5 W – 23.5 L x 15.5 W
SKU: 181412000021, Brand:DryFur… [Continue Reading]

DryFur® PCI Small Blue 2pk

DryFur Blue Small fits Kennel size 100

Measures 19.5 L x 12.5 W
Will fit Carriers with floors Measuring from 15.5 L x 8.5 W – 19.5 L x 12.5 W
SKU: 181412000014, Brand:DryFur… [Continue Reading]