Sky Kennels by Petmate

Lessons learned by following the History of the Sky Kennel by Doskocil (Petmate) When pets first began to travel on airplanes, the wooden shipping crate was the only option for transporting them—that is until Doskocil (Petmate) introduced the Fiberglass Sky Kennel. Today the Sky Kennel is airlines’ first choice for pets traveling in the cargo/luggageRead More

Airline Travel Tips for Snub Nosed Pets

The A, B, C’s of Snub Nosed (Brachycephalic) Pet Flight Safety With emotion, we at have been, sometimes with tears in our eyes, viewing the Pet Airline Incident reports since they were first released in May of 2005. With purpose, we had to not avert our eyes to the realities, and we have beenRead More

Airline Travel for Pets is Safer than Ever!

In late 2009 Major Airlines began requiring Metal Nuts and Bolts on every pet airline carrier – kennel – crate. As a direct result Pet Airline Incident Reports for 2010 have shown a 70% decrease in pet escapes. This is a huge improvement for pet airline travel safety! For immediate release  Lisa Kelly  ReleaseRead More

Acclimating your PET cat or dog to Airline Crate

One of the most important thing you can do for your pets when preparing for long car trips or travel on an airplane is to get them used to spending time in their crate. You can do this at any age even old dogs can learn news tricks. Acclimating your pet to his or herRead More

Modified and Custom Built Airline Kennels Crates Information

Below find tips and information on Custom built or modified airline kennels & crates. Over Sized Pets One option for extra large dogs, like Great Danes or Mastiffs is to purchase a custom built wood airline crate or have a Giant size Sky or Vari kennel modified with wood spacers to accommodate over sized pets. Read More

Airline Approved Pet Carriers and Kennels Reviews Reports

WHAT is a Airline Approved Pet Carrier or Kennel? Read our Unbiased Reports & Reviews on some of the Top Selling “Airline Approved” Pet Carriers & Kennels I have decide to start this page to try and guide pet owners who are shopping for an “Airline Approved” Pet Carrier or Kennel.  At we doRead More

Pet Relocation Military, Permanent Change of Station PCS

Pet Relocation Products for Overseas Military Personnel Nothing more stressful than moving or relocating especially when you are a pet parent, not to mention relocating from one overseas station to another. One of the biggest obstacle is finding all the supplies needed for pet airline travel while overseas. Many items are just not readily found atRead More

Pet Carrier Kennel Safety & Securing Tips

We will demonstrate how to re-enforce non airline approved pet carriers and make them safer. These type of pet carriers with plastic attachments often fail to stay closed, which can be extremely dangerous even when transporting you pets short distances like to and from the veterinarian’s office.

Pets Traveling in Auto

Traveling with Pets in Auto you will need: A Sturdy Pet Carrier with plenty of room to move about. Fold-able or collapsible crates are a good choice when traveling by car. Easier to pack in and out of hotels and much easy to stow away when not in use. Most fold-able crates also provide plentyRead More

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