Dog Crate Water Bottle Nozzle

Water Nozzle for Dog Travel Crate / Kennel easily attach to wire kennel doors with simple Bolt on design. Drip Proof yet easy for pets to retrieve water for healthy hydration while traveling on planes. Nozzle fits all Soda Pop Bottles and many Water Bottles. Perfect for recycling old plastic bottles. Available in Many Cool COLORS.

Anti-Spill Travel Water Bowls

For pets traveling in warm weather our hook on travel cups and bowls are a must. The spill/splash catching rim allows pets access to water but keeps the water from splashing and spilling out of the bowl. Here is a quote from ASPCA in regard to traveling with pets. “Traveling can be highly stressful, bothRead More

Attachable Airline Kennel Bowls – LARGE

Dog Airline Kennel Bowls Every since we launched our Wonderful Transparent, Clip-on, spill resistant Food Water airline kennel dishes, We have had tons of requests from Dog Parents looking for a product just like ours only BIGGER! “Do you offer Large Size Hook-on bowls for my DOG’s airline kennel crate?” “Where can I get foodRead More

Pet Airline Food Water Dishes – REVIEWs

DryFur® Travel CUPs Ideal for pets traveling on Airlines.  They easily and securely clip on to any wire door. They also have some very unique feature not seen in standard pet carrier food water dishes. Transparent: Dry Fur Travel Cups are transparent so food and water levels can easily be seen and monitored from outsideRead More

DryFur® Press and Media Coverage

We think our Pet Travel Products are Great! But don’t take our word for it, See how Major Pet Magazines rate our products.
Our Products have been awarded Best Pet Product of the Year by Fido Friendly, Dog Fancy, Cat Fancy and Pet Product News…. [Continue Reading]