Pet Airline Travel Kit – Basic Pet Airline Kit

pet airline travel kit basic


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Weight:0.75 LBS

Product Description

Basic Pet Airline Travel Kit includes essential Items Required for Pet Airline Travel

Basic Pet Airline Kit Includes:

1 Set Spill Proof Clear hook-on Food & Water Cups:
SM kit cups hold 1.25 cups ea. / LG Kit cups hold 3 cups ea.

1 Standard Set of Live Animal Stickers / Labels IATA-USDA GREEN

1 Shipper’s Declaration – Watering / Feeding instruction Label

1 Plastic Kennel Tag for pet’s & owner’s Name

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  1. Best deal on the internet or in stores. I ship puppies every spring, I used to struggle trying to find the items needed to meet airline requirements. This kit is brilliant and dirt CHEAP, and the kicker… Free shipping, not sure how they do it.
    I buy 3-4 at a time line up my shipping crates and start labeling adding food water bowls, then fill out the shippers label and finish off with the cool name tag. The kennel name tag is a really nice addition, very helpful for us who ship many puppies at the same time.