Step 4 – Day Of Your Pets Flight

Video # 4 will demonstrate how to secure the door of your pet’s carrier kennel with releasable ties to be certain it does not open during flight, we will also demonstrate how and where to attach the travel documents and health certificates so they are easily accessed by airline personnel at the departure and arrival stations… [Continue Reading]

DryFur® As Seen On TV Commercials

Watch our current and past TV and Internet commercials.

# 1 Features Taffy the Cat in Taffy Needs a bath

# 2 Features Sammy The Dog in Royal Dog Airlines… [Continue Reading]

DryFur® Demo Videos & Cartoons

Watch our video demo on how quickly and easily DryFur Absorbs and LOCKS the wetness away.
No other product can match this feature.
Also watch demos of other products with our spill test and judge for yourself…. [Continue Reading]

DryFur® – Comparison & Reviews

Insist on DryFur® they are the only product available that will ABSORB and LOCK wetness away. Don’t be fooled by other pet products that simply claim to “Absorb Wetness” what good is simply absorbing the wetness, once your pet sits or stands on these products the wetness is expressed back to the surface onto hisRead More

Dog Crate Water Bowl Accessible from outside

Food Water Dishes attached to inside of kennel door so they are accessible from outside of the kennel during flight. This image demonstrates what is meant by the Term Used by airline “Food & Water Dishes must be accessible from the Outside of the kennel.” Airlines may use watering spout can similar to the onesRead More

Deluxe Kennel Tag holder-Luggage Tag

DryFur Deluxe Poly Kennel Tag Holders, Works as Luggage tag too!

IATA and Airline required…All kennels & carriers must be labeled with pets & owners name.

Comes with our business card – name tag… [Continue Reading]

Airline Accessory Pack – Breathable Super Absorbent Kennel Liners

Pads & Kits NOW Sold separately Brand:DryFur® Weight:1.25-1.75 LBS Shipping:Calculated at Checkout     Product Description DryFur® “First Class” Deluxe Pet Airline Travel Kit   FEATURES 1 Set Spill Proof CLEAR Kennel Food & Water Cups* (S-M Accessory Kit includes S-M Cups that hold 1.25 cups Each) (L-XL Accessory Kit includes L-XL Cups that holdRead More